Your family is ready for a vacation to a wonderful destination on the Oregon coast called Newport. Since I live here, I have some really good inside information that can truly make your travel journey to Oregon very memorable.

Newport, Oregon is a slow moving town at the Pacific coast with friendly people willing to help you when you approach them. There are many sightseeing events you can walk to while other great attractions need motor transportation of some sort.

Not only can I tell you the way to arrive here, but where to stay and what to do that will beckon every family member to green, Oregon and the numerous adventures. If you are traveling with your family for business, my ideas can give you suggestions that will allow meetings to take place and group relaxation with loved ones after your business in concluded. It could take more than one lifetime to enjoy all of Newport, Oregon so plan on spending at least a week to take in some of the delightful environment.


1. Airplanes arrive at Portland, Oregon allowing several flight options, so check your carrier from your home departure city to PDX. Look into buying your tickets 14 to 21 days in advance so you can save more money to spend on other things than your transportation to Newport, Oregon. Stand-by tickets might be a consideration to save even more if you can be a little flexible with your travel plans. Inquire what requirements stand-by tickets would require of you and your family members, so you will be prepared to purchase them or pass them by for this trip.

2. Amtrak goes right into Albany, Oregon, which is about 1 and 1/2 hours from Newport, Oregon. Your choice can be a sleeper car or economy travel on modern, comfortable and clean trains that are pretty much on schedule. In society today, you will find business and leisure travelers on the trains since they are affordable and convenient.

3. Automobile is a great way to arrive in Newport, Oregon. Your own family vehicle can be used or you can choose one of the many car rental companies you can discover online for your journey.


1. Bed and Breakfast places are dotted along the Pacific coast including the quaint town of Newport. Choose right on the beach, within walking distance of many attractions of your choosing or a leisurely jaunt from Highway #101 so you can enjoy the seaside air during your exercise to what you plan for the day. The cost of a night at a bed and breakfast can begin at $90 per person if you plan ahead by reservations to secure that price in advance. The Internet can help you look at your options to stay on the Bayfront or right on the Pacific Oceanfront.

2. Motels, condos and chalets are abundant at different prices depending on location and amenities desired. Prices can be as low as $40 a night, per person to any price you want to spend for you family accommodations. Some hotels, like The Hallmark on Elizabeth Street not only have motel rooms, but also have individual houses for rent too. Most often times the houses the chain motels have available require a minimum stay of 3 or more days. Check to make sure you can get the best deal by your pre-planning to maximize your money spent on lodging. You might want to take into consideration a continental breakfast offered by some places since that would be a money saving idea for a family.


1. Newport Aquarium is south of the Yaquina Bay Bridge with changing exhibits every year or more depending on the association decisions. You can take the entire family there since there is some grand sea creature for everyone to enjoy. I won't spoil it for you telling you all the wonderful things you will see, but plan on an entire day so you get to see most of what everyone wants to view. There is a gift shop on site, benches and an all around pleasant environment for your daily outing. Admittance varies according to age with some days different entrance fees.

2. Nye Beach is part of the seashore, however a well known stopping place to walk in the camel colored sand barefoot and chase the waves as they receed out to sea. You will want to spend hours there so you can use your photography skills taking pictures of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, South Jetty and each member of your family as they romp at the beach. South Jetty separates the ocean from the Yaquina Bay which is visible from Nye Beach. Stores, restaurants, cafes, shops and creative bead businesses are all at your fingertips in a few blocks from Nye Beach.

3. Bird watching is a delightful past time since many species live in this temperate climate year round. Bring some binnoculars and photo equipment, so you don't miss anything.

4. Fishing is a sport you might have guessed to be very popular in Newport, Oregon. You can charter fish, dock or land fish. Crabbing is a wonderful way to meet some locals at the Rogue dock south of the Yaquina Bay Bridge and have fun learning all about crabs. You will need to learn how to tell a female from a male since following the law is enforced by seemingly everyday people who are inspecting your catch, hired to keep the balance of nature.

5. Whale watching is not only done to hope to see them because you always see whales when you take one of the whale watching tour boats from Newport Harbor. Within 3 miles you will be able to actually see whales swim by within a radius of 50 feet, which is required of those vessels for human and whale safety. You will have a thrill of a lifetime when you see the "tailing" which is what is known when the whale shows his tail above the ocean waves.

6. Bay Front is like a little town in about 2 miles of bayfront property. You won't be able to resist a leather jacket for $30, and all sorts of locally designed jewelry, pottery and other bargains galore. Salt water taffy is made right in one of the store fronts which entice you to try one of the many flavors available for purchase. One taffy store actually will give you one free sample per person. Visit the Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the Undersea World Gardens and walk the bay front if only enjoying the fact you are in Newport, Oregon. A wide assortment of restaurants serve many seafood delights sure to please any palate. The challenge will be which one to select.

Bring warm clothing since the sea breezes seem to continually chill the air. See you soon, in Newport Oregon!