I guess it will depend where you are in the world as to what the press are reporting. As a UK citizen, this is what I have heard today as more news from Haiti trickles through.

The UN has now officially stated that this earthquake in Haiti is the worst disaster that the UN has ever tackled. Raising money has not been the problem as much as getting help to those that need it and improving the terrible situation that Haitians find themselves in right now.

Much as we should not make such comparison, the UN has said that in many ways this disaster is worse than the Tsunami in 2004. This is not meant in anyway to belittle the trauma suffered by so many in that disaster. The UN simply means that with so many officials on the ground lost in the earthquake the people needed to spearhead relief are missing.

The death toll is not yet known. There have been reports of around 50,000 but it may be some time, if ever, before such figures are accurately known. It appears that government sources have already recovered 20,000 bodies and other aid workers have found more.

Currently away from the island's capital, such details are vague. Some have described the scene away from the capital as apocalyptic. With truckloads of corpses being moved for a mass burial it would seem more like at least a 1000,000 people who have been lost.

Still there a few people being pulled alive from the rubble. This will diminish soon as the days move one. British TV today showed one man who escaped from the factory where he was working when it collapsed. He had severe wounds to his arm but he is alive and reasonably well. He is thought to be the sole survivor from this factory. There were 800 people working in this factory at the time of earthquake.

Gangs of youths have been venting their anger. Although in the minority, these people are desperate. British TV news also showed people desperate for supplies throwing empty boxes around in despair.

Organisation is desperately needed, in Haiti right now, to ensure that the needy are reached and helped.

The UK government has pledged 6 million pounds to help kick start relief for Haiti. A team of British search and rescue workers has also been sent. UK citizens have to date donated around 15 million pounds to DEC, the Disaster's Emergency Committee. This committee works with establishes charities such as the Red Cross and Oxfam to get help to those in desperate need.

In the current difficult situation errors are being made. Some relief planes, for example, have been turned away but other helpers. Co-ordination is needed and needed quickly.

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