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Creating newsletter content, especially for something online, can be daunting at first. But this can be a great addition to any business, but especially a craft business.

You can let your customers know about your latest line of craft products, and where your next show is going to be.

If you are unsure of what type of newsletter content you should have, then take a piece of paper and just quickly jot down anything new that is going on in your business. Do you have a good camera? If you do, then take some good pictures of your new line of crafts, or whatever your craft product may be. Then add these to the newsletter.

It doesn't have to be long and boring. Most people are busy these days, and so you just want to send them an update of where your craft business is at right now.

Make sure there is something eye catching above the fold. This means something they will see right away, without even having to move the mouse. If they are opening their emails at the end of a long hard day, the last thing they want to see is a huge page of simply typing. They may put it away for reading later, or they may just delete it.

Basically, you want the newsletter content to be appealing to them, and to get their interest. So, have a catchy title, and a picture of your craft or crafts, or your craft fair setup that you had at your last show. Something that will first of all, remind them of who you are, and then get them interested.

Your newsletter content should not be long and outdrawn, just some pictures and a few captions and maybe a title that says "happening events to mark on your calendar". Then in bold have your next craft shows, or point them to your website, if you sell online, or even your latest products on Ebay or Etsy. Put a link in for any new products.

So, your newsletter content should consist of:

catchy title


links to other products

your schedule

a closing upbeat line or two

your signature and business name and contact information.

If you can, send this out once a month. If you do this too many times, then it will not only be hard to come up with original newsletter content, but it might overwhelm your customers, as many deal with Spam as it is in their email inbox.

How to get customers for your great newsletter content?

Do NOT buy lists online. This is Spam and will ruin your credibility as a good craft business. You need to get people who sincerely would like to get and read your newsletter content. The best way to get this list, is to build it. This may take a bit of time, but if you have motivated customers, who really like your products. You can get just as many sales from five customers as you can a hundred strangers!

So, don't worry about how many customers you have for your newsletter content in the beginning. Just keep creating good content. Make notes to yourself over the month of any new changes or new products you may be creating or have for sale online.

At your next craft show, have a clip board and a sign up sheet. Make sure you have typed at the top of this sign up sheet, that you will NOT give out their email addresses. That this is strictly for you to be able to contact them. But that they can pass on or forward your newsletter to friends that they feel would be interested, but that their email address is safe with you.

This is a great way to get a good list of potential customers. These are people that love your work, they have stopped by your booth, and either have bought something from you, or show an interest in what you have to offer.

The craft show is one place to collect names and email addresses. You can also send out emails to your friends and family and ask them to forward a online sign up list for your craft newsletter content. Friends and family are usually your greatest supporters when it comes to a craft business, so you may find you get many names this way, including theirs!

Having great newsletter content, is a great way for your family and friends to keep up with all the things you have going on. You can direct them to your blog, or your website, or links to products you have for sale, and then they may just forward your newsletter on to others.

So, you may find that although you may only have 20 people on your list for example, that double that could actually be reading it or more, as your potential customers may just forward your great newsletter content on to friends elsewhere. If you sell any products online, then this can be a great boost to your craft business. As you could be mailing your products anywhere in the world.

Another great way to get people on your list, is with sites such as Ebay or Etsy. Once you have sold a product. You can send them a printed newsletter inside the package. You will already have their email address from the sale, but you CANT just use it, you need permission. You can ask for permission inside the package, or when you let them know that their package is on its way.

Just remember, not to grab email addresses where ever you see them, you need permission to send out your great newsletter content. Just because you love your business, doesn't mean everyone in the world will! But you will gradually build up a great list of cliental and potential customers from great newsletter content, and getting the email addresses from motivated potential customers.

With great newsletter content, you can have two sides to your business. The craft shows that you physically do, and the craft online business that you will build with your brilliant newsletters that you send out. You may just get a great following, this is great advertising for you.