Newton Shoes Effectively Combine Science and Performance in this Great Shoe

As runners, we are always looking to improve.  It is part of our DNA that we want  to push the envelop, run faster, and more efficiently.  We concern ourselves with the grams and ounces of our shoes and the geometry our footstrike.  If it weren’t such a healthy activity, our obsessiveness might be considered unhealthy.  However, one of the benefits of being so highly driven and aware of our sport is that we have created a shoe industry that is extremely competitive.  That competitiveness, in recent years, has driven shoe companies to create some extremely technologically advanced footwear.  One of the companies most responsible for raising the technology bar is the Newton Running.  Newton produces extremely high end shoes for serious runners.

Award Winner            

In March of this year, the Newton Running’s Terra Momentus Off-Road Guidance Trainer shoe was given the award for the “Best Innovative Product of 2010” from Triathlon American.  Triathlon America was created by triathlon industry leaders with the mission of using their combined knowledge, talent, and resources to improve the sport of triathlon.  The award was the result of nationwide voting of founders of Triathlon America in addition to notable triathlon athletes such as Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Paula Newby-Frasier, and Karen Smyers.


The Newton running shoes pick up where other running barefoot inspired shoes left off in that they have created shoes that will actually train you to run with the proper and most efficient form.  Essentially, Newton has created a series of “trainer” shoes which are designed to encourage the runner to use what Newton calls the Land Lever Lift natural running gait.  As the runner strides and lands, the landing spot of the foot should be on the mid foot and not the heel or toes of the foot.  Landing in this fashion reduces the degree of impact on the body and limits the risk of injury.  After the foot strikes the ground it transitions forward.  This forward levering action is aided by four Actuator lugs located on the bottom of the mid sole of the shoe that transfers the energy of the foot strik into the forward movement of the lever action.  As you lift your foot to start the next stride the lugs create a power boost by thrusting out of the midsole that increases the forward movement of the foot.


The secret behind the Newton Running models are the four Actuator lugs.  Because the align vertically with the bottom shape of the shoe, they provide better cushion on impact than most other popular shoes which utilize advanced foam as the primary source of limiting impact.  Also, because of the design of the lug system, there is actually less surface area of the shoe impacting the ground at on any given footstrike, which limits the amount of energy reducing friction.


Another unique feature of shoes like the Terra Momentus is the Flex Groove that runs the width of the shoe between the toes and the metatarsals which allow the foot to bend and flex in a more natural, barefoot motion.


Also, since the Actuator lugs work independently of each other they create contact with the ground in manner that more accurately reflects the motion of a barefoot stride.  This helps the athlete to avoid injury as it reduces the significance of differences in leg lengths, or metatarsals that are out of alignment.


If you take your running seriously and want the most advanced running shoe out there, you should definitely take a look at the Newton Terra Momentus.