If you are looking for the best mobile service provider, then here are some Nextel cell phone plans you could choose from depending on your need. There are your basic plans along with other plans with specific benefits and features.

Nextel Direct Connect has several selection that includes the Basic Plan, Everything Messaging, Everything Data and Talk for Family. These Nextel cell phone plans offer a wide variety of features with different talk time minutes and costs per month. Depending on your actual need and budget, you can choose from this selection based on the features best suited for you.

The basic plan has a lock-in period of 2 years. The monthly fee costs about $ 29.99 per month for 200 minutes of talk time. On the other hand, the Everything Messaging and Everything Data Plans costs about $ 49.99 to $ 69.99 with an average talk time of 450 minutes.

All of these offer an unlimited access on nights and weekends as well as off-peak hour rates. They offer national coverage and maximum accessibility in virtually all locations within the country. In choosing the best cell phone plans for you and your family, you have to know specific needs.

Are you concerned with the limited talk time? Do you have the same network as your friends and family? Which features do you need the most? By asking these questions, you can at least narrow down your search for the best cell phone plan for you.

The idea here is to get as much feature as you need in one plan so that you don't have to get stuck in a period of two years with a provider that doesn't help you with your needs. Nextel offers a variety of features. If you are an office worker or a business owner, they have plans that offer you longer talk times at certain costs per month.

If you are into text messaging, then there are plans for you as well. Don't want to be locked into any contracts? Consider Nextel prepaid plans.

There are also Nextel cell phone plans that offer data transfer and web browsing privileges for those people who need to search the internet for both personal and business purposes. You can feel confident when you buy a cell phone with Nextel.

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