If you put some real effort into it, you can find used quads cheap from a number of different sources. For many, the need to save money on their four wheeler purchase makes finding one a challenge. How do you find an inexpensive ATV that you will enjoy for years to come? What if you need to find a four wheeler under 600 dollars? What if it needs to be under 1000 dollars? You will have a little more wiggle room with the second example, of course. When you search for used quads cheap you really have several strategies you can employ. In addition, there are certain ATV's that are less expensive than others, new or pre-owned. What should I be looking for? How do I find a decent quality, inexpensive 4 wheeler, within my budget? Here are some things to consider when you look for used quads cheap.

Late 80's – Early 90's-Inexpensive Four Wheelers:

In the 80's three wheelers were on their way out, and the new, more stable four wheelers were taking their place. The real ATV generation had begun. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki were the leaders in the industry. Used quads cheap were impossible to find in these times, since they were so new. Times have changed, and now, they are the best sources of used quads cheap.

Believe it or not, the type of atv you are looking at will help you find used quads cheap. There are certain models that just don't cost as much, but still offer a great value in terms of quality. Let's look at some of the four wheelers you should consider when you are looking for deals.

Moto 4: Made by Yamaha, the Moto 4 lineup included a late 80's push on their 250cc and 350cc 4 wheelers. You will find many of these four wheelers still out there on the trails today, running like tops. A pre-owned model can be found, in really good condition, for under $1000 in many instances. You may even find one of these four wheelers under $600, if you keep your eyes open.

Four Trax: The Honda Four Trax is one of the many late 80's four wheelers that ran like a champ, and looked good. You will be able to find some of the older ones out on the road and trails. If you are searching for used quads cheap, a late 80's, or early 90's model Honda Four Trax 350 would be a great choice. You can still find these for under $1000 from time to time.

QuadRunners: Suzuki was in full swing during the late 80's as well, making it one more thing to consider when you are looking for used quads cheap. You could buy a new 250cc model back in the day, and you'll still see a lot of them out there.

Bayou: This was Kawasaki's entry, along with the Mojave during the late 80's. You will find quite a few more Bayous these days than Mojave, from what I can tell. They were made fairly well, and are great used quads that you can pick up cheap, sometimes well under 600 dollars.

Late 90's – Early 2000's Inexpensive Four Wheelers:

I'm going to work under the assumption that you are not looking for a kids four wheeler here. You can find some really nice, used quads cheap by looking for the models I'm about to list. You will notice that many of the models will be in the 250cc range. This helps to keep the cost low for you. When you are looking for used quads cheap, you will likely need to stay in this engine size range.

Bayous: Yep, they are still around. You can occasionally find an early 2000's Bayou 220 in the $1250 range. They are a nice, reliable utility ATV. Bayous are one of the best models to check out when you are looking for used quads cheap. Used quads cheap will often include entry level four wheelers.

Rally: Can Am (Bombardier) makes a really nice 200cc ATV that can really haul. While it is an entry level four wheeler, it's not a tiny toy. There is also a more sport, DS 250 to think about. This is one of the many to consider when looking for used quads cheap. You can find these for around $1500 if you keep your eyes open.

Blasters: Used quads cheap can still be fast. The Yamaha Blaster, while only 200cc in size, can move really fast. It's a great sport ATV that an adult can be proud of. You can find these for under $1000 in the 1998-2000 range. If you are willing to spend $1500, you can actually move up into the early 2000's model years. These should be considered when looking at used quads cheap.

Ozark: You can actually find 2002 Suzuki Ozarks for about $1250-$1500 in your local paper or online. This a great option when looking for used quads cheap. Newer models may run you about $2000. If you are willing to go a little older, say 2003 or so, you can get a great used quad cheap.

Finding The Bargains:

As you may have already found out, searching through the online classifieds is a time consuming way to find used quads cheap. You have to sift through so many results just to find one or two possibilities. Now that you know some of the models to search for, try to use it to your advantage. Search though the big online classifieds by name. Enter "Blaster" or "Ozark" into the search box. You will find nice quality, used quads cheap this way.

You can actually search online auctions, like eBay in the same manner. Try searching for "Ozark" or "Bayou" and you will find really nice, used quads cheap. This will help you narrow your results, so you can save time, money, and get out on the trails with your new to you four wheeler.

One last word when looking for used quads cheap, that I just must mention. The poor economy is your friend, when it comes to making a purchase like this. Try to make a lowball offer, to a private seller or dealer, and see what happens. You may be able get used quads cheap this way.

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