Scully Retro Gunfighter Shirts

Scully western shirts for men are popular western apparel for authentic cowboy lovers. High quality and nice embroidery designed stitching is used for embroider Scully western shirts. Embroider design western shirts are some of the more popular apparel for cowboys and cowgirls. Usually cowboys like a specific design, or particular embroidery custom stitch design to define themselves as a cowboy.

Scully western shirts are typically made of fine materials, like polyester. Polyester shirts make for comfortable wear. Scully clothing and accessories have been around since 1906. Scully is known for making fine leather products. Some leather products the include jackets, wallets, pants, and a variety of other accessories. A good embroidery Scully western shirt can be expensive, but the materials, design, and the cowboy look are all authentic.

Nice embroider designed Scully western shirts for men

Scully Retro Gunfighter Shirts
- A very popular Scully western shirt, stitched with a nice floral design on the yoke. The western shirt is made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon. A very nice cowboy western shirt that can match most cowboy boots, hats, and pants. It has two western smile pockets, a spread collar, and cuffs with embroidered floral. Has a snap closure down on the front and on the cuffs. A great Scully western shirt for men to wear, who have that tough guy persona.

Scully Cross Retro Western Shirt - A very cool looking cross design is stitched onto the back yolk. Contains a spread collar, black yolk, with gray embroidery stitching design on the front and back. Black cuffs, and collars. Grey body and sleeves. This men's western shirt is made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon. Stars stitching is on the front of the yoke.

Scully Skull & Rose Embroidered Western Shirt - An outstanding embroider of two skulls on the front of the shirt, one skull on the back with a rose vine in its mouth, with a red rhinestone in one eye. Below the two embroidery skulls on the front of the shirt is a rose with green and brown vine embroidery. Two bones are stitched onto the cuffs. Six snap cuffs, with a black body shirt, made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon.

Scully Men's Texas Hold 'Em Embroidered Retro Western shirt - Any Texas, or poker loving cowboy will appreciated this Scully western shirt. Has a embroidery design, with a 4 aces and poker chips on the front of the yoke. On the back of the yoke there's a "All in!!" embroidery features with the state of Texas in green with a star in the center, with poker chips and poker cards. Has a spread collar, red piping accents, and is made 65% from polyester and 35% rayon.

Scully Six Shooter Embroidered Western Shirt - Got to love the two pistols design on the front and back yokes. Very quality embroidery, that provides a traditional cowboy look. Six snap cuffs, with the embroidery stitching done in gray. A black western shirt, that fits with variety of different cowboy pants or hats. Materials made are 65% polyester and 35% rayon. The Scully Six shooter makes for high quality Scully western shirts for men.