I have never written a product review before, because I don't want other people to use something that I've liked only to have them be disappointed – but writing a Niche Finder review does not make me nervous. This is because I know that it's solid software. I've bought it, and I use it all the time – probably more than I really need to, just because I'm curious about keywords and how they are likely to perform for me. Before I bought Niche Finder I used free tools and these worked, sure, but they fell way short of what paid keyword tools can do for you.

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Niche Finder: Who is it designed for?

It looks and feels and is very uncomplicated, right from the beginning. The purchase process is simple, the software download is quick, the interface is basic – but it's obvious at the same time that there is some real power under the hood. It is designed for people who are interested in keyword research, and finding profitable keywords around which to base their internet business. More specifically, it's built for people who want a simple interface that presents excellent information. Brad Callan has written the software, and he's done an amazing job in creating software that is a great tool for internet business owners at any level. It's perfect for you if you're just starting out and learning the ropes of SEO!

Niche Finder: What does it do?

This short movie explains it perfectly – and is presented by Brad Callan himself – the designer of the software.



If you cannot see the video above, here's a link to it.

Niche Finder: How does it compare to other keyword tools?

Well from what I've seen, Niche Finder is cheaper, easier to use, and is ideal for the beginner in terms of simplified presentation of information without compromising on quality. I was distracted by Market Samurai's use of (what looked like) masses of tabulated data – and because I'm not a numbers person that scared me away. The price is right too – one payment, no rebilling and the software is yours to use. There is a support desk if you need it (unlikely – but good to know it's there) and free lifetime updates and support is offered. A really easy to use 7 page help file comes with the software package.

Niche Finder: How do I get started?

Simple – if you want Niche Finder you'll first pay for the software, be guided through a simple download process and super fast installation. You will need an email address (and I'm guessing you have one of those) as well as an Adwords account – simple to get as well, there's a clickable link at the screen where it asks for the login and password. Why does it ask for this information? Because the information Niche Finder generates and analyses for you comes straight from Google. Reliable? Yep, I think so… I have to say that I've never had so much fun using a software application – the possibilities are endless. If you have an issue with writer's block – grab Niche Finder and banish that block! Enjoy!