Niche Finder Customer Support works!

Seeing as though I use Niche Finder regularly – pretty much every day – at some stage I was bound to run into a question, or an issue I had to contact customer support about. Well the other day that time arrived. I opened up the Niche Finder software and ran a keyword search, but for some reason the CPC field kept coming back with zero values. I was disappointed, and naturally blamed a recent software update – but it turned out to be my fault.

The new update had something to do with the integration of Domain Face as a utility to do domain research through Niche Finder as well. That is, to see what domains are available, when domains you really want are likely to become available and all sorts of other really interesting stuff. So of course I’m blaming the software and thinking that maybe the focus had changed and that CPC values just weren’t considered important by the developers anymore.

How to get customer support for Niche Finder

I thought maybe because the Niche Finder software was focussed on researching and identifying niches for online businesses, the CPC interest had gone out the window... but I was wrong – the error was all mine. I found this out by having my first ever encounter with online customer service systems. I registered for customer support at the Niche Finder sales page (way down the bottom you can see on the bottom menu bar ‘Customer service’) and then submitted a ticket.

I wasn’t expecting a response anytime soon, but to my surprise, within a couple of hours I found in my inbox a message from the Niche Finder developer, telling me what the problem was, and exactly how to fix it. A screenshot was even included. Further comment was made that if the suggestion provided didn’t fix the problem then I should get back to them and they would sort it out for me. Now that’s customer service!

Niche Finder was not the problem - I was

For the information of those interested, the issue lay within my tinkering in my adwords account (which Niche Finder cleverly interacts with). I rearranged some columns, which messed up the integration with the awesome Niche Finder software. So I did what the customer service advisor told me to do, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I re-jigged the settings in adwords and restarted Niche Finder.

Sure enough, the CPC values came back! I began seeing not just the search information, and level of competition out there, but also the CPC values that went along with all the keyword variations – essential if you’re calculating the prospects of writing around that keyword for a site like InfoBarrel. So yes, the Niche Finder software is great, yes it’s simple, powerful and easy to use – especially for the SEO clueless – but not only that, Niche Finder also has great, courteous and responsive customer support. I really dreaded being lost in the system somewhere and having to go with another keyword research tool, but Niche Finder did what I hoped and my problem was solved quickly and easily. Enjoy!