The internet can be a revolutionary tool for musicians that allows them to market their music to the entire world, but this is easier said than done. While a record label is no longer needed to get your music produced and published, this doesn't mean that anyone who makes a good album will be famous. Music does not sell itself unless people know about it; so the problem is, how do you get your music noticed on the web?

The reason that it may be hard to get your music noticed in the internet world is that more people than ever are producing good quality music. Recording and music production equipment has been getting smaller and cheaper constantly. On top of this, computer power has been rapidly increasing and the quality of music software continues upward as well.

All of this means that more people have what it takes to make professional sounding music, whereas before many people who had the skill for music probably never got the chance.

These new legions of music makers all have access to the internet and are all thinking the same thing: that it can give their music a worldwide market. This has created a saturation of music online, and in effect, any one person's music may never get above the surface.

From applications like iTunes and websites like CDBaby, individuals can effectively sell their music online and get a bit of marketing as well, but these sites suffer from the same problem: there are so many people on them, how can your music stick out?

The solution is niche marketing. By this I mean marketing your music to a select group that should be interested in it. This can be something like the style of music that it is. If you make rock music you wont have any luck choosing the rock niche, but get more specific, maybe you make rock for a certain type of people, or an age group. Find as specific a niche as possible that still has a market and promote your music towards those people with articles and blogs.

You can also try getting even more creative and marketing your music towards a certain mood or time of day: Music for sunset, for example. Once you have a niche picked out you can make blogs and websites to try to get search rankings for that word. If you can do that, you will have a constant stream of people searching for the type of music that you offer, which will obviously be good for sales.

Niche marketing of music online is effectively targeting a small area of an overwhelmingly large range of customers. By limiting this area, you limit your competition, and push yourself out in front of all the masses of other musicians.

To get your blogs and websites ranked you will want to try writing music articles about your niche and get quality links coming into your sites, but this could be a whole new article. For now, just start thinking about what niche or niches you should target with your music. Every band or musician should be able to come up with something, and don't be afraid to get creative.