This article is about a training course which I joined just over a year ago to teach me all about building websites in order to earn an income online on the Internet. The course I decided to join is called niche profit classroom. Today I review how I have got on and fill you in on the latest version which is just about to be launched which is niche profit classroom 3.0.

I'm really pleased with my progress over the last year. I have been building websites for five years without truly making the most of it and definitely without earning rewards that I felt I should be. Much of that is down to myself that anybody who spent some time searching on the Internet for business to start will understand the overwhelming information overload that can develop once you start surfing.

Starting an online business is even worse because there are so many so-called gurus and experts who in reality are just people like yourself who have no experience in making money online but just copy what they read from other people. The result is you are often reading garbage without realising it.

So I looked for a genuine easy to understand course that I could follow just like following a formula. I came across niche profit classroom and immediately liked what I saw from the free videos that actually disclosed much of the formula and secret methods that the two people who were niche profit classroom actually use themselves.

I decided to try the course by opting to pay a trial one dollar which I paid by credit card, of course I was somewhat nervous about this there any fears I had were unfounded. That I found so much useful information in the training area that I have no hesitation in continuing after my trial offer expired.

The niche profit classroom course taught me step-by-step how to do keyword research in order to find niche is with little competition up with enough volume of demand on searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Then I was taught how to build a website although to be fair I already knew how to do this but it was good to see how Alan and Adam from niche profit classroom built their websites because there were things that I had missed out on and did not know.

Then I was shown how to build traffic to the website that I have built and how to convert it once it has arrived at my website in order to make sales and make profits which of course is the whole point of putting all this time and effort into building a website.

There is so much to tell you but too little space but one thing that must be mentioned is the two free e-books which you are giving every single month as part of your membership. This is very important because you can sell these ebooks which you have the rights to and you get to keep all profits for yourself.

The big news is that of course which is extremely comprehensive now is about to get even better with the launch of niche profit classroom 3.0 this involves complete revamping of the training videos and the improvements of many of the software tools that you will use in the niche profit classroom to build your website's.

I hope you have enjoyed this niche profit classroom and to conclude I would say that the changes will make it even easier and faster, meaning you can spend more time on the important task of generating traffic and making sales.