Niche Blogging

Choosing Well

The key to creating a successful niche blog is to find a niche that you can monetize easily. But how can you choose niches that make money? Well, you do need to think about demand. If you choose a niche that is too limiting or too obscure, you will have difficulty attracting a lot of Internet traffic to your niche blog. However, if you choose a sub-niche within a larger niche that is already popular, this might be your best bet.

Make a list of your favorite pastimes and what you enjoy the most. For instance, if you are a big electronics buff, write down electronics. Also write down any “sub-niches” of interest that are related to this larger niche of electronics and that are of particular interest to you.

Write about your personal experiences pertaining to your niche and/or sub-niches. For instance, if you have personal experience repairing certain types of electronics, such as camcorders, you might want to write down the specific repairs that you have made. These initial drafts about your personal experiences within your chosen niche will eventually become blog posts, so put some thought and effort into them. If you can break down exactly what you did in a clear and concise step by step format, so much the better in terms for your potential readers.

Focus on creating useful posts full of genuine content (rather than posts with a lot of filler or fluff), as quality content will net you not only one time blog visitors but returning visitors as well.

Consider becoming an affiliate for a program within your niche. If you want to do some affiliate marketing on your niche blog, be very picky about which programs you want to sell because you only want to promote high quality programs that will truly be useful to your readers. (Be sure to monetize your blog in other ways as well.)

Over time, as you continue to write quality posts about your chosen niche of camcorder repair (just to stick with the previously mentioned example), you will gradually gain the trust of your readers and they will likely be more inclined to purchase (or at the very least look into) any programs that you recommend. Remember, don't get involved with promoting anything that strikes you as the least bit shady or low quality. Your reputation is at stake, after all, and you don't want to jeopardize it in any way by getting behind anything less than great.