If you're currently reading this article, then you most likely have been introduced to the concept of the niche site. But if you haven't, here's a rough definition of the term.

Niche Site: a website built for the sole purpose of creating quality content about a specific topic.

These niche sites are popping up all over in recent years and you'd be quite foolish not to jump onto this bandwagon. Unless you're already making millions of dollars per year. In that case, then you'd feel much more pleasure in helping others (cough* "Me!"*cough) out with their niche websites. But I digress. Most likely you are familiar with niche sites and I want to discuss the backlinking strategies involved to help you succeed in your niche site. So let's talk niche site backlinking, shall we?


The topic of backlinking is important. It is key to rising the ranks of those search engines. Backlinking is what will allow your niche site to become #1 on Google. It will create authority for you and your site.

How backlinking works is that you (or others) create links on other sites that point back to your niche site or article. By having more and more links that point to you, you prove that your site has authority in it's niche. In this way, Google looks at you, looks at all of those links pointing at you, and places you higher and higher on their "list". So gettting as many links as possible is a very good thing. Let's talk about how to do that.


There are a-million-and-one ways to get backlinks to your site. If you've got one site with 30 pages on your site, you could simply start by getting one link to each of your pages. That's 30 links. But we want way more than that! So here's a list of ways you could go about backlinking:

  1. Write reviews on other sites that contain a link to your own site.
  2. Bookmarking your articles on sites like Facebook, Digg,, etc.
  3. Writing articles on HubPages, EZine Articles, Buzzle, etc. that contain a link to your site.
  4. Getting organic links from people who like your site.

These are just a couple ways, but I want to discuss the best way (that acutally brings in the most amount of money). This currently what I do to both make money and to rise through the ranks of Google.


Here are the details of what I do to bookmark my niche site. You could do this with your own site or even articles you write so that articles can be on top as well. I'll go through my exacts steps so that you're able to follow along and hopefully it will give you something to play with.

Step 1: I create my niche site (with the keyword domain, the 25-40 pages of quality content, and information people need). Write for people, not for search engines!

Step 2: I write an article (everyday) for HubPages that contains a link back to my niche site. This is allowed because my site is quality and should be linked to.

Step 3: I write a short blurb on each of these sites (everyday): InfoPirate, She Told Me, and Snipsly. Each one of these blurbs will point back to my article with a doFollow link, which is great!

Step 4: Do this until my niche site becomes #1 on Google. This way you will get more traffic to your site and make money from all your articles on HubPages, InfoPirate, etc.

Step 5: Repeat the process. You must be on this backlinking system everday. That is key to growing your authority.

In this way you will gather traffic to your niche site, gain Adsense income from your articles, and become #1 in no time. It's tedious and tiresome, but most necessary. And you'll be happy you did it in the long run.

So go forward with the information and be successful! Good luck!