An Explanation of Niche Websites

Niche websites are sites that have been created around a unique topic where there is existing demand from customers (as shown by search traffic). The concept driving developing niche internet sites, is to find keywords and phrases that are often searched, in Google for example, and to then make an internet site that is optimized in a way that attracts site visitors to the site. The sites are basic (usually just a handful of pages in full) and each page is very exclusively targeted to the specialized niche subject matter and targeted keywords.

niche websites explanation

What are Authority Sites?

There is a rising pattern now to go in the direction of Authority websites, which are basically enhanced versions of niche websites. Authority websites have a lot more content, larger amounts of website traffic, returning visitor and are a complete resource for a given niche.

How do you earn money with niche websites?

You make money from any website by generating website traffic. It’s as simple as that. Think of website traffic similar to shoppers visiting a conventional retailer. The more people come in the entrance doors, the more sales that are made. You will find numerous ways to generate income from niche web sites, such as Google Adsense income (where Google places adverts on your site and you receive payment each time someone clicks on an advert), paid advertising (where specific advertisers pay you to have their ads show on your page, and there are companies to manage this process for you), affiliate marketing (where you sell other people's products and make a commission) and perhaps selling self-developed products.

how to make money with niche websites

How much money do you make with niche websites?

If you are looking for a way to earn money fast then stop reading now. The whole premise of the creating niche web sites, is to build a variety of websites over a period of time that each bring in a modest level of revenue per month. For some it may possibly be $10, for others a few $100 or so. If you strike a good one, it could possibly go well into 4 figures for you per month. The intended end outcome nevertheless, is a network of websites that are a passive revenue generating machine.

Passive income through niche websites

A really attractive element of niche website creation, is that it's very much a “set and forget” form of business. It is not 100% hands-free, passive income, simply because online marketing changes continuously. There are absolutely going to be times when you need to go back and put some work into a website. However, if you could learn how to develop niche websites within seven days, get started and making income within a month, then keep building your portfolio of websites over 11 more months, and end up with a possible passive income machine delivering in thousands of dollars per month, would it be well worth looking at? Definitely!