Nicole Scherzinger Introduction

In this review I will be telling you about an American entertainer who is called NiNicole Scherzinger(57131)cole Scherzinger also known as the lead singer of Pussycat dolls (but not anymore). Her real name is Nicole Precovia Elikolani Valiente who was born on June 29th 1978. She was born in a country called Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Not only is she a singer but Nicole Scherzinger is also an actress, model, song writer, dancer and a record producer. The type of songs (genres) she does is R&B and pop. Nicole Scherzinger’s mother was eighteen when she was born and her mum and dad got separated when she was still a baby. Now she lives with her sister Keala and her step father Gary Scherzinger. In 1999 Nicole Scherzinger used to sing for rock bands. In 2001 Nicole Scherzinger had a chance to be the fourth member in black eyed peas but was forced to decline because she was already in a group called Eden’s crush. Now the fourth member in black eyed peas is called Stacy Ann Ferguson. Nicole Scherzinger used to hate being in rock bands because she never got to do what she wanted to do, she could only do what she was told to do. Carry on reading to find out more amazing information about Nicole Scherzinger.


Nicole Scherzinger TV show List

Now I will be naming all the television programmes and some other important information about Nicole Scherzinger’s TV programmes that she has been in (in order by the year she made the TV programme). In 2003 Nicole ScherzingNicole Scherzinger(57135)er played the role of Jasmine in a TV show called half and half, she even starred in a famous show called My wife and kids in the episode called the Kyle’s go to Hawaii part one and part two as she was playing the character Veronica. In 2010 she went to the show called X factor (as a guest judge) on series 7 episode 2, even Nicole Scherzinger  went in a TV show called dancing with the stars as she was a contestant and she actually won. Nicole Scherzinger played the role of Jessie glitter in a TV programme called How I met your mother in episode one which was called glitter. In 2011 she was a guest in a show called Danse avec les stars in season one called final in dancing with stars which was also set in France. Nicole scherzinger went on a TV programme called Big time rush (episode 1). Carry on reading to find out what films she has starred in and what awards she’s participated in, (Nicole Scherzinger lost both awards) including other important information (which will also be in order in years).


Nicole Scherzinger Movie List

First I will be telling you about the movies Nicole Scherzinger has been in thenNicole Scherzinger I will be telling you about the awards. In 2003 she played the role of the champagne girl in a film called love don’t cost a thing. In 2012 men in black III is going to be released which Nicole Scherzinger has been starring in (which Will Smith is starring in as well) as she was playing the role of Lily. Now I will be talking about the awards she’s participated in. Sadly Nicole Scherzinger got nominated in both of the contest she’s participated in which (in order) in 2010 she got nominated in a virgin media music awards for the hottest female. In 2011 she got nominated in an Italian TRL award which is for best look. Carry on reading to find out more fascinating information about Nicole Scherzinger.


Nicole Scherzinger Song List

Now I will be naming some of Nicole Scherzinger’s songs which are say yes, desperate, don’t hold your breath, coconut tree (featuring Mohombi), buttons (with pussycat dolls), right there (featuring 50 Cent), baby love (featuring, everybody, funky town, get into it, whatever u like (featuring T.I), heart beaNicole Scherzinger in music videot (featuring Enrique lglesias), Hush hush (with Pussycat dolls), happily ever after, powers out (featuring sting), I don’t need a man (with pussycat dolls), I’m gonna, One life (featuring lady Gaga), come to me (featuring P Diddy), Jai ho (featuring usher), just say yes, love never dies, lie about us (featuring Avant), nobody can change me (featuring pitbull), winning woman (featuring Rihanna), poison, say yes, stick with you (with pussycat dolls) and much more. If you haven’t heard any of the songs or just some then you could go on You Tube and listen to the music and if there’s a video you can even watch it. Also you could purchase her albums from good music retailers such as HMV or from the internet, places like Amazon. I’m just going to tell you that all her songs are incredibly amazing. Carry on reading if you want to find out some more awesome information about Nicole Scherzinger.


Extra Information on Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has been in three relationships so far. Nicole Scherzinger was vNicole Scherzinger in Britains got talent finaloted the 9th best singer and dancer alive. Nicole Scherzinger was inspired by Gwen Stefani, Christina, Britney Spears, Black eyed peas and Beyonce (who are all singers). The similar genre singers to Nicole Scherzinger is Usher, Fergie, Hillary Duff, Ne-yo, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Pussycat dolls (of course because she was in that singing group before but not anymore as they all split up), Christina Angeluiera, My chemical romance and Kelly Clarkson (who are also all singers). Nicole Scherzinger and the other girls in pussycat dolls quit pussycat dolls on December 2010, so there will be no more songs from the one and only pussycat dolls. Carry on reading to find out more superb information about the one and only Nicole Scherzinger.

 Nicole Scherzinger in photo shot

All famous people especially singers have a website so you ask them question and give them ideas to put in their new singles. Nicole Scherzinger’s website is: which they will appreciate the ideas you give and if you’re lucky you might not know but they could really put up one of your ideas in their new singles. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I had fun telling you about Nicole Scherzinger also know as the lead singer of Pussycat dolls.

Nicole Scherzinger - Right There ft. 50 Cent