nicotine patchI'm not sure what it is about human nature that makes people think they know better than the people putting out the various products we use, but the more time I spend on the internet working with various otc medications, the more I'm sure that very few people read the directions anymore. In the case of hair spray and toothpaste, this may not be dire, there for the most part, things should be used as directed - teeth whiteners, cold medicine, and especially smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches.
The strange thing about the general population's disregard for directions is that they always seem to think more is better. The logic goes something like, "Well, if 30 minutes a day will gradually whiten my teeth, 2 hours a day will making them sparkling white by tomorrow!" It doesn't take into account the fact that products are formulated to work a certain way for a reason. In our whitestrips example, that reason is because whitening teeth too fast will make the teeth very sensitive, damage the enamel and can even create uneven whitening with white spots.
However, using nicotine patches incorrectly can have longer-lasting and more dramatic side effects. Using two nicotine patches will not make it easier to quit smoking, because the purpose of nicotine patches is not to "cure" nicotine addiction. Instead, it's an effective way to gradually lessen the nicotine cravings and to minimize withdrawal symptoms. In other words, adding more nicotine patches in an effort to quit faster will actually make it harder to quit because it will take longer to get the nicotine out of your system.
In addition to that, nicotine patches are not without risks, even when used correctly. They can cause dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, and high blood pressure. However, they are given in doses that are safe for most users. When taken more often than directed or when taken two at a time, the chances for serious complications increase dramatically and cause a nicotine overdose.
Nicotine patches actually tell users not to smoke or use any tobacco products while wearing the patch because it can cause an overdose of nicotine. However, the nicotine remains in the bloodstream after the patch is removed, so it actually remains dangerous to use tobacco products for several hours after the patch has come off. Even people who chain smoked before trying to quit should make sure that they avoid thinking their nicotine tolerance will keep them safe from a toxic overdose. They should also be disposed of carefully - the patches contain enough nicotine to poison children and pets if they get a hold of them, even if they've already been used.
Nicotine addiction should never been taken lightly, nor should quitting. Make sure that you understand any of the products you decide to use if you need help quitting.