Prepare for winter with Nifty Catch-All Floor Mats


1. Custom molded to precisely fit the floor of the vehicle

2. Rubberized backing that will hold mud, sand, water and snow

3. Carpeted top that enhances the look of the interior of the vehicle

4. Bound edges to give the product a finished look

5. Comes in two quality grades for different budgets

6. Custom designed for 100's of vehicles

7. Complete floor coverage available with front row, second row, third row and cargo area liners

8. Available in black, tan or gray colors to match the vehicle interiors

9. Last for many seasons

10. Easy to clean with soap and water

11. On sale now at at 40% off of manufacturer's suggested retail


1. Carpet can be stained with oily materials

2. Cost is higher than cheap carpet or rubber mats

3. Not as useful for commercial and industrial usage

Full Review

With winter approaching and new cars finally selling a bit, it is time to start thinking about car floor mats. There are many types to consider. Most people are familiar with the basic carpet or rubber floor mat that you can find in any auto parts store. These are usually inexpensive and only usable for one season or maybe only a part of a season. They are typically made in China and sold at cheap stores like Wal-Mart or Dollar General. More sophisticated buyers will be familiar with molded floor liners. These liners are custom molded to take the shape of the floor. They are designed to hold mud, snow, sand and water so it does not impregnate the original carpet.

Nifty Catch-All is the premier brand of molded cargo liners. They make their liners with a rubberized molded backing and a plush carpeted top. The carpeting comes in two styles. Traditional Catch-All mats have a two piece front. Recently, Nifty introduced the Catch-All Plus which is a one piece floor liner for the front seat that is made out of plush original equipment nylon carpet on the top and the patented rubberized bottom that Nifty is famous for on the back. Either of these two will be a positive additon to the looks of the vehicle and protect the original flooring.

Catch-All's are available for most truck, cars, CUV's and SUV's. They come in black, gray or tan to match the interior. They are installed by simply laying them on the floor. When they get dirty, you can clean them with soap and water. I have not measured the exact amount of water they will hold, but it is certainly over 1 gallon. So feel free to spill a whole gallon of milk and not worry about the flooring smelling forever.

In Closing

Having used the Nifty Catch-All, Husky Liner, Highland Floor Liner and Weathertech Floorliner, I personally prefer the Catch-All. Since I like my vehicle to be very clean and neat, the Catch-All looks the most like the factory flooring. Living in Michigan, there is always a Spring muddy season and Winter snowy season. The Catch-All has performed well in both. When they are dirty with mud, it is an easy washing at the same time I was the car. Blue Coral interior cleaners work perfectly on the Catch-All.

It is also a great time to buy a Nifty Catch-All. They are available at at 40% off manufacturer's suggest retail. Their prices include Free Shipping on all orders over $99.99.