That Google Docs is the best thing that have happened to humanity since forever is a well-known fact, being able to write and share documents with each other has never been easier. I decided to write a small piece with some nifty tips for you to use with docs. Enjoy!

1. Search google docs more efficiently

Did you know that you could easily search for the document type by writing “type:spreadsheet” or “type:document” or whatever document type you are looking for. Also if you got the document you are looking for from a guy named, as an example, "Alexander".Then you can use "from:Alexander" to find that file swiftly.

2. Back up all your google docs files at once

If you want that extra insurance for your files,you want them safe on your hard drive. Or maybe you just want to edit them at any time, downloading all of your google docs at once is fast and easy. Simply click the select all button followed by the “More” button, choose “download” in the menu that appears. In the download dialog you can choose what file format to use for the different types of documents there is, after you’re done with the options simply click the download button to download all the files in a zip archive at once.

3. Max out your editing space, for glory!

First off you might want to max out your browser window, to do that simply press "F11" on your keyboard. This is the shortcut key to enable full screen mode in most browsers, go ahead and try it now.

In google docs you can make your controls more compact by using the following shortcut with your keyboard “CTRL+Shift+F”. This will enable compact controls. If you want to get rid of the controls all together you can do that by enabling “Full screen” under “View”.

4. Share your docs with others, easily

When you’re editing/viewing a document in google docs that you want to share, simply click the padlock icon that’s located in the upper right corner of the screen. From there select “change” in the dialog, now you can choose whether to share publicly with everyone or only with people whom you sent a link specifically to the document in question.

5. Create a document using a template

When you create a document you can choose to create from a template instead, this is especially useful when you want to create invoices, resumes, calendars or budget plans, there is thousands of different layouts for your choosing, saving you precious time.

6. Automatically correct typos

Under tools in the preferences dialog you have a tool that allows you to automatically replace words you often mistype with their correct spelling. Alternatively you might just be looking to save time and let google spell out abbreviations for you.

7. Revision History, see the responsible party!

In a large document that multiple users are working on this is a great tool to see what each users have done. You will find the revision history under the “File” option.

8. Easy linking

Use the shortcut “Ctrl+k” to see the link dialog, from there you can choose to link to a url, email or a bookmark in your document.

9. Turn your google docs account into a Dropbox clone

With your google account you get 1 Gb free space for use with files that aren’t documents. You can upload any file you want to your google docs account without using any third-party software, but then you would only be using your browser window. Whats the fun in that?
Instead you can use the google app "Syncdocs" (you can download it for free from Syncdocs gives you a folder that syncs with your google docs account on your computer's desktop.