So Simple

If you need to perform an oil change on your car then you need a strap wrench. But what if you need to do it and there is not one to hand. This tutorial will teach a neat trick to get yourself out of trouble in this situation and many others. All you need is a belt and a stout object that can be used as a handle.

When will this come in useful?

There are many applications for this technique and many of them are to do with plumbing or car maintenance. It can be used in the garden also as a method to grip the limb of a tree before cutting it. This has helped me out before because using a strap wrench to secure the limb gives a lot of mechanical advantage and enables you to get a good grip to keep the branch under control.

If you include a piece of rope to lock the handle in place you can use this technique to secure a ladder to a high up beam or branch. This really does add a feeling of safety when climbing the ladder as it cannot slip at the top or the bottom.

There are many uses for this technique so I really should tell you how exactly to do it, in the photograph there is a demonstration but if that is in any way unclear read on.

How is it done?

The belt should be wrapped around the object that you need to twist making sure that it is overlapping itself. then the stout object should be passed through the buckle as a handle and turned around the object. On thin diameter things you may need to overlap 3 or 4 times in a loose helix winding motion and grip the belt to allow it to gain purchase (or friction) on the item. The photo shows this technique being used to unseize a microphone stand that had been allowed to rust a little.

That is it, I hope this helps you out one day.

Un-seizeing a microphone stand

belt wrench