Nigeria Travel Adventures: Some Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

If you have ever dreamed of going to Africa, then Nigeria is one of your choicest locations. With over 250 ethnic groups, each having unique festivals, music, and dance, Nigeria has a cultural melange that consists of virtually all the native races of Africa. Aside the fact that Nigeria has virtually all the representation of all the ethnic groups in Africa-which provides for a rich culture there are some remarkable tourist attractions.

 Obudu Cattle Ranch- The Obudu Cattle Ranch now known as Obudu Mountain Resort is located on the Obudu plateauin Cross Rivers State south eastern Nigeria. It is 30 minutes from Obudu town and plays host tothe annual Obudu Ranch international mountain race.  As a tourist you will get to enjoy what it feels like walking on a high altitude, sleep in an African hut and eat some Nigerian delicacies.

 Zuma Rock- is a large monolith located in Niger state which shares borders with Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. The main attraction to the rock is the human face located at the centre of the rock. Interestingly, this human face appears as different images at different point of the compass.  At one point it is a face with a crooked nose. At another point, it is a giant head resembling a Red Indian facing skyward. It also bears the resemblance of a crouching elephant at another point.

 There are many legends about Zuma rock. The most popular is the claim by residents of the village at the bottom of the rock that they seldom times see fire on top of the rock accompanied by loud thunder emanating from the rock. According to them, this occurrence is a sign that something notable will happen before the end of the year. This is a tourist destination for visitors from around the world. Expect to hear many more legends.

 Yankari National Park- Yankari National Park is a large wildlife park located in Bauchi State in north-eastern Nigeria. It is the home of several natural warm water springs, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Yankari which is Nigeria’s biggest National Park was commissioned in 1991. Expect to see Lions, elephants, Monkeys and other wildlife.


Obudu Cattle Ranch
Zuma Rock
Elephants in Yankari