Dancing the night away, staying in the spotlights, rocking to some great hip-hop grooves and catching a drink or two with friends are a common sight at the night clubs in San Francisco. Whatever you want to do – talk with your old pals, forget the week's woes or get some drinks at throwaway prices, night clubs in San Francisco deliver.

The first stop if you like listening to fantastic live rock and jazz is Bimbo's 365 club. Here the décor is glamorous and dancing experience outstanding. Make sure you get tickets early at the Box office.

Night Clubs in San FranciscoAnother must see in San Francisco is the Great American Music Hall. Originally built as a bordello in the beginning of the last century, this Music hall has hosted some of the greatest rock musicians. A great feature of this place is they allow children above 6 years, so you can take the whole family out and marvel at the gorgeous settings.

From a sushi bar Yoshi's jazz club is now recognized as one of the best jazz venues in the world. This 28000 sq ft venue has some of the biggest names in jazz playing there everyday. Listen to the finest jazz and get to eat some fantastic Japanese food in their restaurants. Yoshi's is a not to be missed destination in San Francisco.

If you like dancing with sweaty strangers all around you, head straight to Apartment 24. One of the busiest night clubs in San Francisco, Apartment 24 has neat furniture, adroitly draped curtains that match the floor and wall décor(not to mention your mood) and busy DJs spinning some great Rhythm and Blues, hip-hop and pop music to cool your worries away. Those of you who do not have advance reservations for the weekends would have your own reasons to regret. People at Apartment 24 are well dressed too, for their main raison de etre is to impress those around!

For the more subdued party animals, you always have the doors of Ruby Skye open. Situated right in Union Square, Ruby Skye has some high energy music, the best DJs and celebrities from around the world and state-of-the-art lighting. There are 2 levels of floors, a lot of VIP rooms and top-notch music systems to keep your energy levels high.

Ruby Skye is now located at a place that once used to be a theatre. Whether you are looking for fashion shows, private nights or bands playing great music, Ruby Skye has it all. Since this place is awfully close to Los Angeles, crowds from those areas are seen planning out their weekends at Ruby Skye too.

Fantastic music and a friendly atmosphere make the San Francisco night club scene what it is. Whether you go to 111 Minna Street gallery, 26 mix, the Red Devil lounge or the Hemlock tavern, you are sure to experience all of these. At 111 Minna street gallery, you don't have the risk of being frisked; there are no cover charges too. Once you are inside, there is a peace and tranquil that is unique only to 111 Minna Street gallery. It also has some brilliant electronic music playing in the background. However, if you don't like sweating people leaning against you, 111 Minna Street might just not be the place for you. Nevertheless, it makes up for more than the loss by offering the best of facilities in other departments.

Yet another place that you would want to go to is the Rockit room. You certainly can rock it to the best of tunes; enjoy high-decibel music and hang out with friends. Though there are several levels within the club, each has a charm of its own. One level is fully dedicated to dancers shaking their legs to hard rock music. The other level looks more like a pub, with lots of juke boxes, high-definition televisions and pool tables.

Whatever you choose to do throughout the night, there is something in the Night Cubs of San Francisco. Enjoy the music and bring out the child in you.