Amsterdam is one of the most happening places if you are looking for some interesting night life. The city boasts of a wide range of nightclubs catering to different kinds of people and tastes and it also casters to people from all walks of life. The Dutch swarm around the bar on the dance floor. They drink and talk [or at least try to]. Though they are not good dancers, night clubbing is the national time pass activity, due to which Amsterdam is full of night clubs, most of which are open long hours. Every club offers regular dance nights and special concerts. Most of the night clubs brag of beautiful interiors in historic buildings and also a wide music collection.

Amsterdam night clubs start rather late, hits the peak around 2 am and many clubs don't even open their gate before midnight. After a quiet early evening hour, the streets and squares get busy again at night.
The atmosphere at Amsterdam clubs is relaxed and better than many European capitals. There are door policies or dress codes for some clubs, while the others are just show-up and get-in types. The cultural calendar is full, but not crammed. One can find a strong jazz scene, good music clubs and English theatres along the canals. The dance clubs may indeed seem quiet and small to anyone used to the flashy and jarring clubs of New York, Los Angeles, or London. The club and the bar scene can be entertaining, if not outrageous.

Rembrandtplein, Weteringschans, Lijnbaansgracht are the hot spots for night clubs in Amsterdam. Leidseplein, with some of the city's most popular bars and nightspots, is the center of Amsterdam nightlife. You can greet the dawn and start again because Leidseplein never sleeps.

Rembrandtplein is slapdash and Grating Square, which gets alive at night, is inundated with neons. Though it has a more downscale reputation than Leidseplein, people here are interested in having fun. Moreover, there are enough hip and classy places to go around.

These two areas are abutted by Reguliersdwarsstraat, which has some good cafes and clubs, including a few gay clubs. The Rosse Buurt – Red Light District serves its unique brand of nightlife and the adjoining Nieuwmarkt is a popular alternative hangout.

Paradiso, Melkweg and Sugar Factory are the three most famous clubs which offer regular dance nights and special concerts in Amsterdam. Be prepared for a night of dancing as the genre's include progressive house, electro house, trance, and techno.

Escape, in Rembrandtplein is the biggest and most famous club in Amsterdam. It runs on different nights each month, but its regular Saturday 'Chemistry' night is very famous and attracts many big names from the international DJ world. Getting-inside-not-guaranteed, is the feel you get, looking at the queue. Most of the time, the best way to get in is to ask a girl in the queue.

There are surprisingly diverse night clubs for such a small capital city. This is just a taste of the multitude of night clubs which Amsterdam has to offer.