The night clubs in Mumbai are one of the most happening spots to be after a hectic day's work. The city has a spirit that is unique to Mumbai. Anybody can find a place to be in – the rich and poor, urban and rural folk, young and old alike. Another aspect of these night clubs in Mumbai is that you don't have to go searching the length and breadth of Mumbai to find them. From Andheri to Church gate, Vashi to Colaba area, they are everywhere.

Mumbai, without an iota of doubt is the haven of nocturnal beings. The city is fast-paced and night clubs are sometimes open till the wee hours of the morning. The Insomnia (This one will certainly contribute to your sleep disordeNight Clubs in Mumbair) at the Taj is one place that you can never afford to give a miss.

Additionally, Mumbai is home to many who are part of the billion-dollar-club of the world, world-famous CEO's, aristocrats, industrialists and the who's who of the Bollywood film circuit. You would not be surprised to find yourself shaking a leg with these celebrities who may just drop in to take some time off after their rigorous schedules.

Bandra is yet another place that comes to mind when thinking of Mumbai and its night life. Zenzi is one nightclub that promises loads of fun, the best of drinks and exotic lighting. Apart from dancing to some great tunes, indulge in taking some time off to view photographs in the exhibition. Friday night specials are a regular feature in the weekly calendar of many women, for they have a chance to watch two DJs in action simultaneously. Ladies Lipstick nights are sure to lift them off the floor with its scintillating music and laser light shows.

'The city never sleeps' is one saying which would fit Mumbai with ease and perfection. Drive straight to Colaba after work, drop in to Prive and forget the world. Most people are sober only till such time a few pints go in. Once it does, there is no stopping them from making merry. Most of the time, entry to Prive is only by invitation. However, you could consider yourself lucky to befriend an industrialist who might just sneak you in to be a part of the night magic.

Aaziano is another gripping place in Lower Parel. An RGB laser light show that only Aaziano can dream of, a friendly DJ in Asher who keeps spinning your favorite tunes one after the other throughout the night, superior quality sound systems with the latest of technology and a 24-hour bar are just some of the attractions at Aaziano. You really need to drop in on a Saturday to get the experience of your lifetime.

Poison is now one of the most happening night clubs with fantastic music and a very popular DJ. Located in the posh Bandra area, Poison is considered to have one of the best music systems and among the larger dance floors among all Mumbai night clubs.

The liquor is priced pretty steeply here though, but the selection is awesome.

If you are a fan of retro, Hawaiian Shack is a great place to be. With two levels, one playing retro and the other playing hip hop; you have a choice depending on your mood. The interiors are designed to look like a beach side shack with wooden logs and bamboo overhangs. The booze is priced very reasonably here unlike many other Mumbai night clubs.

Rock bottom, Sounds and Squeeze and Red Light are other nightclubs that you could choose to hang out with. Night Clubs in Mumbai are full of life and who will want to miss it for anything in the world? It is not without reason that Mumbai is the hub of the Indian night club scene.