My Tiny SunCredit: Magicshine UKCredit: Magicshine UK

Night Riding with My Tiny Sun Lights

The UK brings some of the best night riding opportunities and with My Tiny Sun lights you’re guaranteed an exhilarating and safe ride. If you’re a keen cyclist or mountain biker you’ll know how important it is to have a powerful light set attached to your bike to not only remain visible to others but to get the most out of your riding experience. Whether you have to cycle home from work in the dark, have taken to the local trails after dinner or you’re taking part in a race or event, night riding brings a number of exciting opportunities. The choice of lamp unit, battery, features and of course, manufacturer can be overwhelming and this can make it difficult to choose which lights are most suitable for you. By choosing My Tiny Sun lights you can’t go wrong!

Tips and Ideas for Night Riding

If you’re bored of cycling during the daylight hours and tired of taking the same routes again and again, try doing them at night! Guaranteed, if you revisit the trails you are now more than comfortable with, they’ll bring a whole new perspective in the dark! With My Tiny Sun lights you’ll get the optimum performance and the ultimate in visibility. If you don’t have time in the evenings, why not get up an hour earlier, head to a local hillside and enjoy your thrilling hobby whilst watching the sunrise? No matter when or where you choose to ride, maintaining your lights is essential. Cleaning them regularly and making sure your battery is fully charged will avoid any potential dangers.

Staying Safe with My Tiny Sun

As well as enjoying your night ride, it is of the utmost importance that your remain safe and vigilant. With My Tiny Sun, you can expect two power mods to choose from; a simple mode that gives you high or low power and an expert mode that has 6 programmes for more technical users. This way, riders can adapt the light to the relevant conditions. These super bright lights will ensure that your visibility on the road or wherever you choose to ride is excellent. If you choose to ride in the countryside you’ll need to be on the lookout for animals or obstacles like potholes as well as other riders and cars. If you’re on the roads, you’ll need to be cautious of other road users and make sure your light is on the right setting in which you do not blind them. My Tiny Sun lights most certainly will not let you down!