How many of you have had a bad experience with bosses who are just so awful? Well I presume millions because there are loads out there. However, I find that the worst are those who have a start-up company, one they've created themselves and they feel that in doing so makes them a genius. What they don't know is that anyone can create a company even a 5 year old child can do it as long as they have an idea of what they want to do and the funding to start with, the difficult part is the management side of things, staffing and getting clients. They don't seem to realise that without the staff and clients they wouldn't exist let alone last.

I have worked for two companies as such, and both bosses were as bas as each other, I could say two peas in a pod. Men, very insecure with themselves, divorced, in their late 50's and middle 60's, have a bit of money which makes them think they are the bees knees and all the young girls would be attracted to them.

When I joined the first company, it was a restaurant/club, served Italian cuisine, been open only two years but still very little clients. I found that the food was over priced including the drinks, they were charging the prices of a Michelin Star restaurant, but it wasn't anything near. My job was the Events Manager but I also found that I was doing the General Managers job as well because he was hardly there. At first he seemed nice as long as I agreed with him but the moment I started to have ideas on how to improve the service and clientele he changed, he didn't like the fact that I had an idea of my own. I tried to bring business in by organising events, like Ferrari night, I approached a local dealer, fantastic guy, he lent me two Ferrari's as long as I displayed his dealership banner outside the venue, why not. I got to choose which cars I wanted, of course I couldn't drive them, but just the fact that I could was fantastic. I chose one latest model and the other a classic one, which happened to be the first Ferrari driven by Sofia Lauren, the actress.  Just the two cars outside our venue attracted a lot of attention and it turned out to be a success, but did he say well done, no, he found something to criticise about the night. My second event was to bring in a fashion designer, who filmed her video there, which was to be shown in Selfridges, lots of models in lingerie, very sexy and stylish. This again attracted a lot of clients who came in a filled the restaurant, but yet again, the next day he complained and criticised my work. Everything I did was wrong, why because it wasn't his idea. He had terrible and cheesy ideas which all failed and when they did I got blamed for them. Luckily for me the CEO of the venue didn't believe him and had a lot of faith in me. However, him seeing this made him panic thinking that I was going to take his job, which, in reality I was already doing. He did so many thing against me that I wish not to mention, lets just say I had to put up with insults, swearing, back-stabbing and he just made my life hell. He did a lot of things that were illegal too, which I tried to stop but I was told to butt out. When I left, I told him that "every dog has its day" and I was right, last November the police busted the place, he was sacked and they had their hours cut. It was in the papers and the news. All of these things could have been prevented if they listened to me, I didn't want his job, I just wanted to the place to grow with a good reputation and lots of clients, nothing illegal, but hey, who was I to say anything.

Second company was the one after I left the above - a PR & Marketing agency, again I won't mention any names, but this was run by a divorced Jewish man, in his late 50's, who had a big chip on his shoulder and very paranoid. He thought that everyone stole from him, all his 5 employees stole from him according to him, but it wasn't true. They were all nice people, maybe a little two-faced but then we get that in every company. This boss on the other hand swore like there was no tomorrow, he would swear at his mother on the phone in front of all of us, no respect for anyone let alone women. He treated everyone with contempt, disregard of anyones values or principals or even company policies. He hated us taking holidays, or even if one was ill he complained, if he had his way we would work 365 days a year and no lunch break either. He gave written warnings to two of the guys in the office for taking cigarette breaks, if one is a smoker, then legally they must have a break to go out and smoke as long as they don't take advantage, these guys were ok. He had a habit of asking you to think of an idea, a project, write it down and give it him with how you think it should happen. He took them and threw them in the bin without reading them, or he'd read it quickly writing over them in red, basically destroying your whole idea. So why bother asking you to come up with an idea if all he's going to do it destroy it. He would tell us that we were not intelligent, and not capable of doing anything ourselves. At one time I was asked to think about how to redesign the office because he wanted to divide it in two and lett the other half because it was too big. So I came up with three designs I did myself, and explained how I thought we could divide it and telling him which option I thought was the better one on costs and health & safety. He threw it in the bin then telling me that I am not an engineer and what do I know about buildings. Well the fact that my father was an architect and had his own construction company when I was young is one, two I renovated my own house, a listed building, about 10 years ago, which turned out perfect and three I have a Masters in design. No I got shouted out and told not to talk because I knew nothing, so why ask me to come up with a plan if you are just going to insult me. He's had his company for 10 years, only 5 staff and 3 clients, in ten years and he is supposed to be an intelligent man, so he thinks. I had enough of his insults to a point that when I resigned, because I couldn't stand working for him any more, I told him just what I thought of him, greedy, arrogant, ignorant, extremely rude person and the fact that he stole from his clients by charging them twice for the same thing, their fault for not noticing was what he would say. A company once paid into his account about £49800.00 by error, did he call them and tell them that they've made a mistake, no he kept the money, until the tax man started to ask questions. How can anyone work for a person like him? Well we didn't even have fire extinguishers in the office, no health & safety procedures, nothing, yet we had lots of electrical equipment, no smoke detectors nothing, he didn't want to spend money. Our chairs were so old that they would hurt our backs and bottom because we would sit on a thin strip of leather and then metal, the handles were falling off, but would he buy us new chairs no. He refused to pay me my last salary, for December. I told him I hope he choked on it because he was a terrible person and that what goes around comes around.

Why are some bosses so nasty?