The Nike Air Alvord 9 is a great summer shoe for people who like the outdoors. The all-around versatility of the Nike Air Alvord means that you can enjoy this shoe on casual hikes, around the campsite, white water rafting, jogging off road, as well as for everyday wear around town.

The Nike Air Alvord 9 is designed as an off road running shoe. The upper of the Nike Air Alvord 9 consists of a lightweight single layer of mesh which helps to ventilate and cool the foot to prevent sweat   up. Another advantage of the mesh is that when you do get the Nike Air Alvord 9 wet or damp, such as when you run through grass with the morning mist on, the shoe rapidly dries out.

Air Alvord 9

The Nike Air Alvord Opera running shoe has an outsole that is specifically designed for off-road running. The deep lugs provide excellent traction and stability under dirty and rocky trails. The deep lugs on the Air Alvord are designed for off-road use. Although you can where the Air Alvord 9 around town on pavement and hard surfaces, the outsole will not last near as long. This should not however discourage anyone from buying this shoe.

If you are looking for an all-around shoe that you can wear when you can't be hiking fishing in moderate warm conditions and don't like wearing sandals such as the Teva F-1 then this Nike off-road running shoe may be one you could consider.

The Air Alvord 9 sells for around $65.00 at most retailers online, but can be often bought cheaper at Amazon. You can find the Air Air Alvord 9 in a variety of colorways.

The midsole of this off-road running shoe by Nike consists of a full-length Phylon midsole which provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption. The full-length Phylon midsole will be more durable for off-road runners in heavy people then the Cushlon midsole found in some of Nikes other products. In addition to the Phylon midsole there is also a Nike Air unit in the heel.

The versatility of this Nike off road running shoe combined with the bargain cost make this one of the top picks for summer shoes for people who enjoy the outdoors.