Nike Air Max 2011 GreenThe Nike Air Max 2011

may be one of the most cushioned shoes you will ever wear, but depending on your size you may want to stay away from this Nike shoe. The Nike Air Max 2011 is very similar to it’s’ predecessor the Nike Air Max 2010.

The upper of this shoe consists of the lightweight Nike Flywire technology. The shoe features a full length visible air-sole. The visible air-sole sure looks cool, but it is not near as durable as the encapsulated non-visible air soles that are available in many Nike shoes including the Nike Air Pegasus.

The air soles can easily be punctured. In an encapsulated airsole such as the Air Max heel the air sole can be punctured and still provide support and cushioning effects, but in the full length visible air sole on the Nike Air Max 2011 a punctured airsole can render the shoes un-usable and possible not safe to wear. If only one shoe is has a punctured airsole then your feet will be striking the ground with different and opposing cushioning levels thus increasing the likelihood of injury.

Nike stands behind their product and have an excellent return policy where they will replace your Nike shoes for various defects that occur including visible air soles that may get punctured under normal use. The problem is that many heavier and bigger people may be exchanging the Nike Air Max 2011 2-3 times before they realize that the shoe is not obviously designed for heavy people.

Heavier people will be better suited with a shoe such as the Nike Air Pegasus which has an encapsulated (non-visible) air sole unit. If you must have a visible air-sole for style reasons and you are a heavy person then opt for a shoe such as the classic Nike Air Max 90.

The Nike Air Max 2011 is a very comfortable shoe, but if you are a heavy person then I would stay away from it. The Nike Shox will be better suited to a person who is heavy. If you are a serious runner you also will not be sporting the Air Max 2011. The Air Max 2011 can make a great gym shoe, but a pair of Nike Shox or a shoe with an encapsulated airsole will be better suited and more durable for gym workouts.

If you are looking for a shoe with a lot of cushioning then the air max 2011 is hard to beat. It is not near as durable as the Nike Air Pegasus, but it is cushioned more. More cushioning is desired by some people, but others will feel excess stress on their ligaments and Achilles heel if they have a shoe that is too cushioned.

You definitely will not be wearing these so called running shoes in a Marathon, but if you need a stylish pair of kicks to wear around that are extremely comfortable then the Nike Air Max 2011 may be the shoe for you. You can also look to buy some Nike Air Max 2010’s if you can find them online at shoe websites such as Zappos or Amazon. There is very little difference between the Air Max 2010’s and the 2011 Air Max shoes.