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There are only a few Nike running shoes with visible airsoles that I would recommend to heavy guys. The Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max Moto are two of the best choices for heavy runner's who insist that they must have been visible airsole. The Nike Air Max Moto is one of the best cushioned Nike shoes that still provides a lot of support for heavy people.

The Nike Air Max Moto is an excellent shoe for heavy people. The Nike Air Max Moto is a very popular shoe, but is still not as well regarded or known as the Nike Air Pegasus. The Nike Air Max Moto is an extremely cushioned shoe yet for most runners the Moto is not over cushioned meaning that you will still be able to have control of your shoe when running on packed surfaces and lessen your chances of stretching your Achilles tendon out.

Nike Air Max MotoCredit: AuthorNormally a visible airsole is easily punctured, especially by heavyweight runners. The Air Max Moto is no exception to this rule, however even if the puncture occurs this you can still hold up, especially for heavyweight runners with little to no difference.

If you're trying to decide between the Air Max Moto the Nike air Pegasus 27 then I suggest you order from an online shoe retailer such as One of the great benefits of ordering Nike Air running shoes from Zappos is that they offer free shipping both ways. Free shipping both ways means sent out to you for free as well ss offering you the opportunity to return is used then no charge if you need a refund or replacement of the shoes that you order from them. By ordering your shoes from Zappos you have the ability to order both the Nike air Max Moto as well as the Nike Pegasus.

You can then easily try on both pairs of running shoes and comfort of your own home and walk around the living room. You can then debate with yourself about what. You prefer. Sometimes the choice is obvious and sometimes you can see need for both pairs of running shoes and a lot to keep both pairs.


If you decide only keep one pair then you can ship the other pair back. Other benefits of ordering online are that in most cases you will not have to pay taxes on your order. Many people still prefer to either she will sleep at a brick-and-mortar store. I can totally understand this reasoning as to why many people choose to buy their shoes locally. The convenience factor is truly hard to beat. Zappos on the other hand has many benefits besides free shipping and no taxes.

 The selection of shoes available from Zappos will not be found at any local retailer. The availability and numerous righties and color selections of these shoes making it impossible for any mobile retailer to stock as many shoes as Zappos and other online shoe retailers do.

Another benefit of ordering your Nike running shoes or other issues from an online retailer is the extended shoe size availability. If you have long feet or wide feet and you are often forced to order your shoes from online retailer.

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If you have not worn Nike Air Pegasus for a few years and or never won the Nike Air Max Moto then try on both pairs of your local retailer if they have them available. If not order them online and see which you prefer. Each runner is different as to what feels good and supportive. There are however a few guidelines you can use to help narrow down your choice between the air Pegasus and the Air Max Moto.

Reasons to select the Nike air Max Moto

  • Extra plush ride – the Moto is an extremely cushioned shoe
  • Visible airsole – for stylish reasons you may demand a visible airsole

Reasons to select the Nike air Pegasus

  • Proven track record
  • Decoupled heel
  • Excellent training shoe
  • Encapsulated airsole

 If the Nike air Max Moto feels too cushioned to you when you try them on then it may be better to go with the Nike air Pegasus. The Nike air Pegasus will feel justice cushioned as air Max Moto, however as a heavy runner the Pegasus will mold to your feet. The Pegasus will then still provide extreme cushioning, yet you will not get that “sinking feeling" once the Nike Pegasus is broke in.

The Nike air Max Moto as well is the Nike air Pegasus are both pretty durable shoes however durability is your primary concern and you are a heavy runner then the Nike Pegasus wins out. The encapsulated airsole combined with other features of the Pegasus make the Nike air Pegasus a clear-cut winner.

Every year there is rumors of the the Nike air Max Moto may not be returning for the next year. So far these rumors of all proven to be false. There is a strong and based around the Nike air Max Moto they consistently makes the air Max Moto a great features selling shoe for the Nike Company. As popular as the Nike air Max Moto is it will never be sitting at the same table with the cool kids. The cool kids are that Pegasus with her tried-and-true pedigree of training for marathons and winning marathons.

The Nike air Pegasus is about to release for its 28th model year. The Nike air Pegasus is the F150 of the Ford Motor Company. The Nike air Pegasus is a true running shoe that can be used not only for training for marathons but running marathons.

The Nike air Pegasus does not have to be used simply for running. The Nike air Pegasus is a very comfortable shoe to wear daily. If you do a lot of walking your feet will thank you for wearing the Nike air Pegasus. The air Max Moto is a very great shoe but is not as durable as the Pegasus.

When you get an Air Max Moto your running shoe is ventilated a little bit better than that Pegasus, however you want the Pegasus with a more ventilated design and you can opt for the new Nike Air Pegasus 28. The Pegasus 28 is pretty much the same shoe as the Pegasus 27 except the upper is different. The upper of the Pegasus 28 utilizes Nike Flywire which helps to not only support your foot but to do it in an ultra-light design.

The Air Max Moto is an excellent choice however the Nike air Pegasus is the clear-cut winner for most people, however if you have the opportunity to wear both shoes try them on and see which works better for you in your situation. You may find you just want an inexpensive shoe such as the Nike Dart.

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