Nike Dart 8

The Nike Dart has been in the Nike line-up for many years, and for good reason, it is a durable and quality entry level running shoe that is very affordable.

Who Is the Nike Dart 8 Shoe Designed For?

The Nike Dart 8 is designed for people looking for a running shoe that is comfortable. The Nike dart 8 is also a great shoe for walking. If you are a heavy person, above 200 pounds, the Nike Dart 8 is an excellent choice. The Midsole of the Nike Dart 8 is made of Phylon, a foam like material, and it is very durable. The midsole will experience slight compression, and then once it is broke in it will last you for many months of walking and running regardless of how much you weigh.

The Nike Dart 8 does not have any Air cushioning, but this is not necessarily a negative thing. If you are a heavy runner then the Phylon midsole of this Nike running shoe will prove to be much more durable than many of the Zoom air pockets found on other Nike running shoes.

The full Phylon midsole is also very cost effective, making the Nike Dart 8 a cheap running shoe by Nike. If you find Nike Zoom Air or Max Air to not be supportive enough for your feet and body weight, then try out a pair of Nike Dart 8's and the full length Phylon midsole will be much more supportive of your feet.

Nike Dart 8 Style

The Nike Dart 8 is definitely not the most stylish Nike running shoe; The Nike Dart 8 does look pretty plain, especially compared to other Nike running shoe models. The Black Nike Dart 8 actually looks pretty good, but you should never buy a pair of Nikes simply for the looks. A running shoe is meant to be comfortable and not stylish. Always choose fit and comfort over styles and looks when buying running shoes.

Cost Of Nike Dart 8

Nike has a retail cost of $59.95, but can often be bought for around $49.95. The Nike dart 8 is a very common shoe that is stocked by numerous retailers. You can buy the Bike Dart 8 at online retailers such as Zappos and if you want to buy it at a local store checkout Shopko.

Durability of Nike Dart 8

The Nike Dart 8 is a very durable shoe, especially for heavier people who tend to be harder on shoes. The Phylon midsole will last a lot longer under hard use then a similar Nike shoe with a Zoom airsole would.

The Nike Dart 8 is designed for people with medium to high arches, yet many flat footed people feel comfortable and supported when they wear the Nike Dart. If you are flat footed it is recommended you try a pair on and walk around in them.

The upper of the Nike Dart 8 consists of an extremely breathable mesh to help cool the foot. For a shoe that costs less than $60.00 the Nike Dart 8 is an extremely great value. You may not want to run a marathon in these shoes, nut they do work great as a daily training shoe.