The Nike Dunk High 08 is new to Nike.coms lineup of shoes for sale but has been around for a few months. The Nike Dunk line of shoes has a long history within the Nike community. The Nike Dunk High 08 is a great shoe and anybody that is a fan of Nike Dunks will love the Nike Dunk High 08.

The Nike Dunk High 08 uses an EVA midsole and has no air pockets such as Zoom Air or Max Air. For Nike Dunk purists there is no other way.

Custom Nike DunksThe Nike Dunk High 08 is a great shoe for many different activities. The Nike Dunks are extremely popular with skate boarders. The Nike Dunks tend to be very durable and comfortable when flipping tricks at the skate park.

The Nike Dunks are a great shoe for basketball. Especially for overweight ball players. For heavy people the air soles tend to get punctured easily. They can compress and then leak the air out. With Max Air units you still have the pillar support but with Zoom Air it can render the shoes useless as there is no pillar support. With the Nike Dunks there is no air sole. There is only the classic EVA midsole. The midsole is extremely comfortable and very durable, even for heavy guys.

Many people including myself wear Nike shoes as our everyday shoes. If we walk to the store we have our Nikes on. If we go to work we wear our Nikes. Regardless of the activity we tend to always have a pair of Nikes on our feet. If you are the type of person that buys one pair of shoes and wears them everyday until they wear out then you will love the durability of the Nike Dunk High 08.

The Nike Dunk High 08 is a great shoe for daily wear. Many Nike shoe models tend to have either a leather upper or a synthetic leather upper. The Nike Dunk High 08 has an upper that contains both real leather and the high end synthetic leather. The upper is very durable. Most people tend to wear out the sole of the show long before the upper wears out when they wear the Nike Dunk 08.

The Nike Dunk High 08 come sin 4 color variations. If none of the colors are what you would like then take a look at the Nike Dunk High LE. The Nike Dunk High LE is very similar too the Bike Dunk High 08 but there are some different color combinations available including the hot looking orange and white.

The Nike Dunks have been popular since around the mid 1980's. If you have never wore Nike Dunks then you are in for a treat. The Nike Dunks do not run narrower then other Nikes. The fit of the Nike Dunks is true to size however you need to take some precautions if you are new to Nike Dunks.

If you are use to wearing Nike Shox basketball shoes then the Nike Dunks may feel narrower. They are not narrower in the upper but the base of the heel is not as wide. Initially the Nike Dunks may not feel as stable in lateral motions as the Nike Shox do but once you get adjusted to the fit you will be fine. The Nike Dunks are an extremely supportive shoe.

The Nike Dunks can be used for style. They are popular with people who want a great looking shoe. The Nike Dunks were originally designed for basketball and they are great for that too. If you want an all around shoe that looks great, performs great, and feels great then go try on a pair of Nike Dunks.

The popularity of Nike Dunks among skateboarders is huge. The Nike 6.0 skate shoes can be hard to find in some areas but the Nike Dunks have more than been a capable shoe for skaters. Although not designed for skating the Nike Dunks work great for skaters and the Nike Dunk High 08 continues that tradition of support, durability, and comfort for skate boarders all over the world.

The Nike Dunk High LE can be made using Nike ID. Nike ID allows you to design your own shoe online. You can pick the colors of the shoe and even put your name on it.

The cost of Nike Dunks is generally higher when you use Nike ID to design your own shoes online but the end result will be a pair of Nike Dunks in a color scheme that nobody else has in your town.

The Nike Dunk High 08 sells for a modest $82.00 at This old school shoe with some modern updates is a great value at $82.00. The durability of this shoe is higher than average and if you wear your Nike shoes everyday then you can easily get your moneys worth with these Nikes.

If you choose to design your own Nike Dunks online the cost is $135.00 for the Nike Dunk High. You have a lot of color options available when you are designing your own shoes using Nike ID.

The Nike Dunk High 08 is a simple looking shoe compared to many of Nikes offerings but that is part of what makes this such a great shoe. Its simplicity combined with the old school styling of the original dunks at a price point that is affordable makes this a shoe that is a value. If you wear these Nike Dunk High 08 shoes everyday for 6 months then you only paid a little over $10.00 a month until you wore them out. For most people the Nike Dunk High 08s durability will last for a lot longer making this shoe from Nike an even better value.

If you like the Air Jordan Ones but do not want to pay the cost of them then take a look at the Nike Dunk High 08. It is very similar in fit, styling, and comfort. The main difference is the lack of the logo on the side and the price is much less. In fact the Nike Dunk High 08 looks much better then the Air Jordan I because of the lack of the logo. No logo means cleaner lines. The Nike Dunk High 08 are some sweet shoes that are well worth the $82.00.