Do you love to run, but don’t know which shoe is best? Nike Free 3.0 are one of the most popular shoes on the market. These shoes are comfortable and very flexible. When you have a good running shoe it makes you want to work out and run for longer periods of time. These shoes are great for just that. With these Nike shoes you can actually feel each step, stride, leap that you take. These shoes can be a little pricey, but it’s totally worth it for the outcome. Your feet will thank you later for these amazing shoes. The Frees 3.0 are the best shoe for you because they are fashionable, you can run long distances, they give you great support, and they help with your work out.

            Nike Free 3.0 come in any color you want. This shoe is for men and women and can be a great gift to family or friends. You can custom size your shoes too, this way you will have a perfect snug fit. When you go on Nike’s website you can customize your shoe with your name, this way you’ll know there your shoes and not someone else’s. Now they have come out with a few different styles for  Free product line. This gives you options for which one you like best based on looks and based on how they fit. It’s nice being able to choose from hundreds of different colors and styles, this way your shoe is especially made just for you and how you want it to look. Nike shoes are a part of the hip-hop culture and it’s always nice to have a shoe that goes with your outfit whether it’s for working out or just because.

            Running long distance in the wrong kind of shoe can be very painful.  The 3.0 model give you great arch support and are a great shoe for distance running. People love this shoe so much that they don’t even realize that they just ran and extra mile more than what they normally run. They are very light weight so it feels like you’re not even wearing a shoe. This is nice so you don’t have to have the feeling of running on rocks if you were actually barefoot. They hold up extremely well if you like to run through the woods, or simply just like to go to the gym. Nike Frees make you feel like you’re running on air, you will want to run that extra mile or do those extra set of stairs when wearing these shoes.

            Although this shoe is light weight, it gives you great support. It’s very flexible so it can shape and feel good to every foot. This shoe makes your forget about any pains or strains that you may have in your feet, ankle, or even knees. Nike Free 3.0 are one of kind and support your feet to feel like you’re running barefoot. It is suggested that you train in your shoe first so you can get a sense of how it fits you. The shoe can only give you maximized support if it’s the right size. Having the wrong size shoe can leave you with sore feet, blisters, bruises, and more. Make sure you get the right size of shoe to get the most support offered.

            This shoe gives you a great work out. It helps work your feet and calves more for an all-around good work out. The shoes help your body run more naturally and more comfortably so you can get the most out of every run. The more comfortable your shoe is the easier it is to work out for longer periods of time. If the shoes not comfortable your work out time may be cut in half and you will have to work out a lot more than what is really needed. The key is the breathable padding used in the shoe. Your feet need air so they don’t get swollen as fast; you can get the most out of your work out every time. This shoe is great for anyone with any size foot. You won’t regret buying these shoes when they help you want to work out more.

            All of the shoes in the Nike Free lineup are excellent running shoes for either men or women. This shoe gives you great strength to run longer and more freely. They are very durable and worth every penny. These shoes are so comfortable you will want to wear them everywhere. You can buy these shoes at any sportswear store. Also you can go on Nikes website and choose to mix and match colors of your choice, this can be a little bit more expensive but worth it if you want to strut your stuff in those Oregon colored shoes. Nike Free 3.0 are great for running long or short distances or for working out in. I recommend anyone and everyone to go try on a pair and test them out. They are a wonderful pair of shoes to have because their stylish, great for long distance training, gives you arch support, and enhances your work out to the max.