Nike's Excellent Series of Shoes for Serious Workouts


            Are you searching for a new pair of running shoes that are above average and provide comfort, durability and great support? Nike has just the shoes for you that are above and beyond, normal running shoes. This is the Lunar series from Nike. They are featuring the new Lunar Swift, Lunar Eclipse and Lunar Glide shoes. This series has many different types of shoes from training to running to walking shoes. These shoes not only provide comfort, durability and support, they are also incredibly stylish. Made for both men and women, they are great for the everyday jogger to the star of the track team. This collection has a different type of shoe for every kind of workout.

  Lunar Swift          

The Lunar Swift shoes are great for those who are looking for a more supportive shoe. Their cushioning on the inside adapts to every stride and gives you more balance and support than any average shoe could. The shoes sole is made of lunarlite foam and is thicker to provide more support and give a more firm feeling to every step. The Swift’s durability is outstanding. The mesh fabric on the outer part of the shoe, and foam soles on the shoes are made to withstand a lot of rough-ness, while providing comfort. The mesh fabric is very lightweight and comfortable, allowing your feet to be able to breathe well during activity.

  Lunar Eclipse          

The Lunar Eclipse shoes are similar to the swifts, as they provide support and balance. But what sets them apart is their reduced weight and enhanced flexibility. The benefit of this is it lends a more natural and effortless feel to your run. There is also a floating heel clip that wraps around and under the heel to reduce excessive rolling inward or outward, helping to correct overpronation and underpronation, a big issue with runners. Detailed into the bottom of the shoe are grooves for flexibility and a smooth ride. The mid-sole of the shoe helps your foot stay connected to the road.

  Lunar Glide         

The Lunar Glide shoes take on a different look than the eclipse and swift shoes, but performance wise have some similarities. They have a thicker sole and have the look of a more heavy-duty shoe, but are made with the same materials as the Eclipse and Swift shoes. The soles are made with the Lunarlite foam. It is an extremely lightweight material made with exceptional properties that allow it to compress, and return to its original shape. The cushioning provides a great shock absorption and responsiveness for a bouncy ride. The double foam provides extra cushioning for your heel and under the ball of your foot. This is ideal since your weight is being carried on your heel, or the ball of your foot.


As you can see, the main focuses of all of these shoes are support, comfort, and durability. They are made with much more consideration for your foot than any normal running shoe. They are designed special to make your running experience easier and more comfortable. Although the shoes are similar, there are small things that set them apart from each other, making the shoe more custom for each runners needs.