These days, there are a lot of products in the market that are big on promises but small on performance. And sports enthusiasts who regularly engage in cross training and other physical activities would find it hard to find a good product that cater to their specific needs.

The good thing is that Nike, a trusted brand in sports apparel, has included a Nike Pedometer Watch in its long line of products. Pedometers are being incorporated in popular products these days – from MP3 players to cellphones.

Yet, pedometer watches are getting the good share of the consumer market for its price, portability and ease of use.

If your budget is between $100 and $200, then Nike Triax V10 w/pedometer SM0018-001 would be an excellent choice. This Nike pedometer watch is designed as a training tool and running log and is equipped with a 100-lap memory.

Aside from its distance and speed tracking feature, it also has a stopwatch (chronograph) replete with lap and split times.

A special feature of the Triax V10 that is not present in similar products is the optimum pace programming wherein you can set your ideal or optimum pace – the watch will let you know that you are off pace (through beeping).

It can also store as much as 100 lap times including maximum and average paces. Of course, the basics will not be left out: time, alarm and date. It’s sporty and ergonomic design makes for an easy access to its multiple functions.

Intuitive operations are possible through its smart interface. Easy to operate buttons are good complements for the landing pad for running operation. One might ask: why is there such a demand for a pedometer watch like Nike’s Triax V10?

It’s because these devices can actually motivate people to increase their physical activity, resulting to reduced blood pressure levels and Body Mass Index (BMI). These tools are very helpful especially for those suffering from hypertension or those who are monitoring their weight.

Even people who just want to stay in shape also find this product very useful. With all the features of this Nike pedometer watch, you might think it’s very expensive.

The truth is, the Triax V10 is a “bang for buck” as it costs less than $200. Generally, cheaper products have fewer features. But this is not the case with this pedometer watch.

It has most of the features you would want to find in a watch with built-in pedometer. And you are assured of the accuracy of its reading, be it your distance traveled or speed average.