With Chuck Taylor all Star canvas shoes still selling year after year Nike finally enters the canvas shoe market with a good looking shoe. Nike has had canvas shoes before but almost all of the canvas released shoes were poor looking shoes. Now Nike has the Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas which is proving popular with the students and Alumni of certain schools.

The Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas is one of the shoes that Nike lets you customize and design online for free. Your choices are limited but if you are a fan of one of the colleges that Nike featuree on these shoes then you are in luck.

The Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas sports graphics from one of the 6 schools. You can choose graphics and the school colors from:

  • Michigan State
  • Syracuse
  • Kentucky
  • Miami
  • Texas
  • Uconn

When you are designing your Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas shoe online you first choose if the shoe is for a male or female. Once you choose the sex then you choose your size. Now the fun part begins.

You select any of the 6 schools. After you have selected a school you are given some options for what color you want the canvas of the shoe to be. You have three choices for each school. Each school also has there color such as Blue for Kentucky and Orange for Texas.

You then get to choose the color of the back tab of the shoe. You have 34 colors too choose from for the color of the back tab of your canvas shoes.Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas Shoe

You can then pick from 23 colors to choose what color you want your shoe laces to be. After picking the color of your laces you can choose what color you want your outsole and accents to be. You can select either black or white.

The only think you have left is the wording on the back tab. You can choose either to have "Nike" on the back tabs or you can enter in your own custom name such as your name, nick name, or saying. The left and right shoe can have different words printed on them if you choose. You are limited to only 6 letters and or numbers on each shoe for the name on the back tab.

For $105.00 you can show you allegiance to your favorite college. You also get to pick some colors. Other Nike ID shoes let you modify a lot more then the Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas shoes allows. If you are a hardcore fan with some money to blow you might like these canvas shoes. For most people these shoes are priced to high for what you get.

The Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas has a herringbone outsole for traction and traditional canvas upper similar to what the Chuck Taylor All Stars have. If you like Chuck Taylors you may like the Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas shoes. The price however is much higher then for the simple Chuck Taylor All Stars.

The Nike Sweet Classic High Canvas is great for a casual shoe. If you are going to the football game this would be the place that YOU would want to show your shoes off at. If you show me these shoes I will not be impressed and just tell you that you overpaid for these shoes.