Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 Tennis Shoe With Mesh UpperOftentimes a perforated leather tennis shoe

will cause your feet to sweat extremely bad, even if you are playing tennis in the midst of extremely cold weather. Mesh shoes are much more cooler for your feet when running the courts, but a mesh upper is not near as durable as leather. With the Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 you get the best of both worlds. The Nike Zoom 2K11 is a very durable shoe that is also very breathable. Here are a few more benefits of the Nike Zoom 2k11.

Durable Mesh Combo Upper

The upper of this true tennis shoe is designed with a lot of mesh. The mesh not only makes this shoe very breathable, but also lighter than an all leather upper. The upper is designed with re-enforced material in the high wear areas, but provides enough mesh to help keep your feet cooler than an all leather or synthetic leather upper.

Overall Durability

The overall durability of this shoe is simply astounding, especially considering that the shoe consists of a lot of mesh. The Phylon midsole allows this shoe to be greatly cushioned yet the midsole is very durable and can hold up to an entire season of daily tennis playing. The overall durability of the Zoom Breathe 2K11 makes it a great shoe for tennis players who train hard and in the process wear out  a lot of shoes.

Ample Toe-Box

Many shoes, made for tennis often have a tighter toe box. For some reason there are a few tennis shoe manufacturers who obviously do not play tennis in the real world, or else they would design their shoes differently. Nike knows what features tennis players like, and a roomy toe box is one feature that makes the Zoom Breathe 2K11 and comfortable tennis shoe to wear. The Toe box is roomy enough yet not sloppy big.

Lateral Stability

In the quest to have durable and or stylish shoes many tennis shoes are designed without much thought given to the lateral stability of the shoe. As any tennis player knows you need shoes that are as supportive for your lateral moves as well as your front and back running motions.  The Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 has excellent lateral support.

Nike Zoom Air

In the Heel embedded into the Phylon midsole is a Nike Zoom Air bag. The Zoom Air helps to provide even more cushioning to this tennis shoe.

Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11

This Nike tennis shoe is not revolutionary by today’s standards, yet it features would be considered futuristic by 1970’s standards for tennis shoes. The Nike Zoom Breathe 2K11 has no fancy features that are not useable. This Nike tennis shoe is stylish, but not designed to be. This tennis shoe is made to endure the rigors of playing tennis on hard courts and to be supportive and cushioning to your feet in the process. This is one of the coolest Nike Shoes for tennis, simply because it is extremely breathable.

TIP: Wear Nike Cool Max ankle socks with this show to provide the utmost in sweat protection and cooling during the hot days at your local tennis court.