What would happen if you combined a ‘barefoot’ running shoe and a desert boot?  The answer would be the Nike SFB (SFB stands for Special Forces Boot).  Although there are many different types of footwear produced to meet the needs of the military and law enforcement this new Nike boot is in a class of its own.  Nike has long been known for innovative designs in footwear and this new boot for the military really shows what they can do.

 Nike SFB desert bootThe heart of this boot is in its sole.  Nike borrowed from the sole technology used in their line of Nike Free running shoes and based the sole of the SFB on the same technology.  The soles of both the Nike Free running shoe and the Nike SFB desert boot have deep grooves along the articulation points of the foot in order to allow the sole to flex underneath the foot as the wearer moves. This creates never before seen levels of flexibility in a boot sole.

 Not only one of the most flexible boots, the SFB is also one of the lightest desert boots on the market today.  Weighting in at 15.9 oz it is !54 the weight of a regular military boot.  The weight saved in this boot allows the wearer to go farther and faster than in a traditional boot.  Weight on the foot consumes more effort to move than the same amount of weight placed anywhere else on the body.  Every ounce saved in footwear translates to more efficiency for the wearer.

 But what good is all that awesome boot flexibility and lightness if the boot is too hot for the environment?  This boot was made for the desert after all.  Having a boot that handles the heat is more than just a matter of comfort.  Hot boots lead to sweaty feet, and wet feet are prone to blisters which can sideline you quickly.  The Nike SFB desert boots feature an ultralight upper that both breathes well and dries quickly.  Also included in this boot are two drain holes that allow air flow in hot weather and the boot to shed water from the inside out in wet weather. 

 Nike has once again raised the bar on footwear technology with their Nike SFB desert boot.  Combining never before seen sole flexibility with ultra-light construction and a cool and fast drying upper in order to make one of the most advanced desert boot on the market today.  

The Barefoot Tactical Boot

Nike's Special Forces Boot

The Barefoot Tactical Boot