When it comes to finding Nikon cameras under $300 dollars, the Nikon coolpix camera series are the types of cameras that you can find for cheap prices online. There are quite a few different Nikon coolpix digital cameras to choose from. Whether you're just looking for a decent camera to snap a few pictures for recreation use, or if you're serious about photography, you can find exactly what you need for the right price. Nikon is one of, if not best digital cameras to purchase worldwide. Regardless of what you have in mind, you should take a look down below at some of the Nikon cameras under $300 dollars. These aren't exactly professional cameras, but some might be recommended for photographers who are new to photography. Some are going for sale for pretty good deals. Down below are some different colored Nikon digitals that are available for kids and adults.

Pink Nikon Coolpix Cameras Under $300

If you got a daughter, or you're a female yourself that loves the color pink, then pink Nikon coolpix cameras are cute little cameras to purchase. They're small, and not meant to be used as professionally, but can still take good pictures. The Nikon Coolpix S80 14.1 digital in pink is a pretty good camera to snap pictures with. Even cheap Nikon digital products can still provide that crisp picture in variety of different lights settings and sceneries. It has an excellent seller rating on buy.com of 94% positive feedback. Some of the features include OLDE display technology, 16:9 aspect ratio, resolution picture 4320 x 3240, digital zoom 4x, 14.1 resolution megapixel, camera pixels 10-14, and a maximum still frame rate of 30 fps. Prices are going for sale under $300 dollars online.

Black Nikon Coolpix Cameras Under $300

The Nikon  L100 12.1 MP Digital Camera might be your best Nikon digital product going for prices under $300 dollars. The zoom feature at 15x is probably one of the best features found. It allows you extra freedom to zoom in for those close shots, to get the best picture without distortion. You can shoot up to 750 still images and record up to 7 hours of HD movie footage with its double A sized lithium batteries. The 15x optical wide angle zoom-NIKKOR glass lens ranges from 28-420 mm. Other features include D lighting mode, 12.1 megapixel resolution, high ISO up to 3200, and a shooting speed up to 13 frames per second. Customers enjoy the picture quality, features, zoom lens, value, and video quality. A highly rated Nikon black digital that will save you quite a bit of money. If you're serious about photography, this isn't a bad digital camera to start off on. Prices are going for sale online around $300 dollars. If you buy used to can save yourself a ton of money.

Red Nikon Coolpix Cameras Under $300

The Nikon Coolpix L110 12.1 MP Digital Camera in red is basically the same camera as the L100 in black. Obviously the it comes in the color red, and looks good if that's your favorite color. Same features like the 15x zoom, and 28 mm wide angle coverage is included. These are very popular digital cameras, since they operate like a professional one, and come with a lot of helpful features to make it an adequate camera to snap pictures on. There are quite a few features. The 15x zoom feature is probably the best thing about this Nikon coolpix. Customers enjoy the crystal clear pictures and clear video picture that comes with good sound. You can purchase online for great deals at walmart and crutchfield.

Green Nikon Coolpix Cameras Under $300

The Nikon S3000 12 MP Digital Camera in green is a little smaller, and a very cheap digital camera. Prices aren't just going for under $300 dollars, but well under $200. So if you're really looking for a really cheap Nikon cameras for sale, then you might want to take a look at the S3000 in green. It's a very small body frame that can basically fit into your chest pocket. The best thing is, if you don't want green, then you can customize your color. Other colors available are black, blue, silver, orange, and plum. These aren't bad product, considering how cheap they are. If you purchase used, then you can pay under $100 dollars for these one. Best places to shop online is at walmart and buy.com. They got the best deals currently going and shipping is free at these online websites.