One of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka

Nilaveli beach near Trincomalee is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Sri Lanka. It wasn't accessible to the public during the war period but after the war it became one of the most visited beaches in Sri Lanka. Most Sri Lankans were able to visit these areas after more than twenty years so thousands visited Trincomalee and the Nilaveli beach just after the war. Although the massive number of visitors have gone down there is still a steady number of visitors to Nilaveli.

Things to do near Nilaveli Beach

Another reason Nilaveli became so popular is the amount of activities available to the visitors near the beach. Below are some of more popular activities enjoyed by visitors

Visiting the Pigeon Island - Pigeon island was recently declared a wildlife sanctuary and it's a must visit place for nature lovers. It's a small island very close to Nilaveli beach and you can see some rare corals, various birds species, some of them inherent to Sri Lanka. You need to take a boat to visit the island and typically it would cost around Rs. 2000 ( 20$ ) - 5000( 50$ ). Although the boat services are available throughout the year, during rough weather most boat owners are reluctant to visit the island.

Visiting the Lagoon - Visiting the nearby Lagoon is another great activity if you are a nature lover. If you go early in the morning or in the evening you might be able to spot Elephant herds as well. If not you will be able to see many birds, crocodiles and wild buffalo. Some boat owners allows you to get down in one of the many islands in the lagoon and wonder around as well.

Snorkeling - Snorkeling operations are mostly handled by nearby hotels and most of the luxurious hotels in the area have snorkeling facilities. This is a great way to explore the coral reefs and see marine life at close range. Another great beach near Nilaveli that is great for snorkeling is the marble beach near China Bay, but you need special permission from the Navy to visit there.

Whale Watching Tours - Trincomalee is the second best place in Sri Lanka for whale watching. Dondra beach near Mirissa is the best place but Trincomalee is not far behind. Although there is chance to see Whales and dolphins all year around, some months are better than most.

Hotels near Nilaveli Beach

With the rise of number of visitors the number of hotels near the Nilaveli beach is also increasing. Below are some of the best hotels near the area

Nilaveli Beach Hotel - One of the very first hotels build in the area and one hotel that survived the war without much damage. The hotel is by the beach and has its own private beach, which is great for sea bathing. Also it is very near to pigeon island boat tour starting point, saving you some valuable time.

Chaya Blu Hotel - Belonging to the Jetwing group Chaya Blu is the latest luxurious hotel to be opened near Nilaveli beach. It is between the Trincomalee town and the Nilaveli beach so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Nilaveli beach is definitely one of the must visit beaches in Sri Lanka. If you are staying in a nearby hotel make sure to rise early to see the sunrise which is a breathtaking site. Trincomalee  town is nearby and there are plenty of activities near Trincomalee.