I have complied a list of articles, that over my short time on InfoBarrel have been really useful to me in trying to become successful on InfoBarrel. So hopefully by giving them a read, perhaps with a pen and paper at hand, you can also benefit from them in the same way I did.

1) The Consolidated, Ongoing, InfoBarrel 1-TIP Thread!: Although technically not an article, there is literally a wealth of information to be soaked up here, right from the off there is tip after tip, all giving you a new route to think about in your approach to InfoBarrel!

2) Overview of Article Topics that Earn High and LowAgain technically not an article, however the user Travis Aitch, has come up with a fantastic range of  subject matters on the articles, and their corresponding earning potential. E.g. Writing about Health/Nutrition will have a higher costs per click, than that of Music.

3) The Anatomy of Viral ContentThis particular article was written by one of the admin of InfoBarrel,Ryan. Where he goes into detail as to what actually makes an article have the potential to go viral, and be of high quality. From the use of headings to how to 'network your brains out'.

4) SEO Tips for Writing Articles at InfoBarrel Plus Earnings ReportThis has some quality information packed into it by jpwriter, this article certainly had provided me with the introduction as to what SEO was all about and how to go about implementing it, as well as providing me with a good chunk ofmotivation to carry on writing for InfoBarrel.

5) My InfoBarrel Earnings for July 2011 - By ErnieNot really about this article in particular, but his entire range of InfoBarrel earnings reports, Ernie is very transparent over what articles are earning what, so you can then try and replicate these type of articles. I also personally like to monitor my progress alongsidehis, to see that we all had to start somewhere.

6) 51 Hot Tips to Info Barrel Success (for the New Year): x3xsoldierx3x and jcmayer777 have complied a fantastic series of articles, going into fifty-one detailed tips, about what it is about to besuccessful like they have. Tips ranging from why and how you should emulate the best writers, to establishing yourself as an 'authority' on InfoBarrel.

7) How To Maximize Your InfoBarrel Earnings With PicturesHere, the member chezfat has done some great thinking outside the box, and realised the potential of how images can really add to yourInfoBarrel earnings, he has also gone into some extra detail here as well.

8) Tips for Selling as an Amazon Affiliate: As these tips are aimed at blogging, LilBlackDress states you would then have to modify them to that of InfoBarrel, which if you read through the thread they go on to discuss exactly that. 

9) A Way to Significantly Increase Your  Info Barrel Referrals!A great little strategy developed byx3xsoldierx3x - where he has even allowed us permission to use the graph that he had made, which you can find with a simple google image search with the term 'InfoBarrel Graph'.

Bonus Articles from Dr_E

I know my articles might not really stand up to the ones above, but hopefully they could be somewhat useful to you, before writing your next InfoBarrel article.

  • Why 'Content Isn't King - goes into why writing is not the main part of being a success onInfoBarrel, and why it is more about the design and layout of the article, to gain your reader's trust.
  • Growing Your InfoBarrel Article Tree - how growing an InfoBarrel tree, will solve your need for trying to come up with new ideas to write about, whilst keeping all your article related to one another.