When And Why Acne Decides To Strike

Causes, Effects and How You Can Treat Acne

Acne is nothing new and it is nothing that hasn't been debated or tackled one million times before. Many people still forget that acne is an actual disease and it can cause real, long-lasting damage. Luckily, all of these years have taught us a thing or two about its causes, effects, and how we may treat it.

One of the biggest reasons most young adults suffer from acne is their hormones. This isn't something most of them can help and it isn't something that can really be predicted. An imbalance in these hormones cause the overproduction of sebum, which blocks pores and causes acne.

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When hormones aren't the culprit, most acne sufferers can blame their anguish on stress. This is among the leading causes in patients over thirty and is even more serious due to the secondary effects that can be felt by the heart, digestive system, and skin. In actuality, the stress is causing them to produce more hormones, which results in our original paragraph.

Your body can naturally react to certain foods or allergens it doesn't like by flaring up with acne. This is a mixed bag, because it can actually cause some of the more serious and quick-acting reactions, but is usually the exact opposite. The best thing to do in this situation is remain relaxed and don't allow the acne to cause more stress and begin the circle anew. 

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Just as the body reacts poorly to food, it can also react poorly to certain types of clothing. When this is the case, you will usually see other irritations or rashes in the area involved. Outbreaks like these are usually over quickly and quietly, but should be monitored closely if they last much longer.

A common side effect of many drugs is an outbreak of acne. Usually, it is because these specific medications cause the body to produce higher levels of natural hormones and thus create a similar chemical reaction as the hormonal imbalance mentioned earlier. Now you can see why hormones are actually the leading acne cause.

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Even the temperature and humidity around you can affect whether or not you suffer from acne. This type of acne can often be a sign of more serious conditions and should not be taken lightly. At the same time, you must remember to keep stress levels down and prevent further reactions in the designated area. This all slowly becomes a complex puzzle of when to stress, what to eat, and where you should always wear a shirt!

Acne, like many other disease, is hereditary. This means, if your parents had acne, there is a chance you will also. This doesn't mean you necessarily will and it doesn't mean it will be as serious, but it is much more plausible.

As you can see from reading the tips above, the key to preventing acne is remaining calm, balanced, and most-importantly, healthy. Simply eating correctly, exercising on time, and taking a few moments each day to relax can make a huge improvement on your skin's appearance and radiance.