This article explains a total of nine symptoms as a basis that would assist in determining whether a person should be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. The person being evaluated just need to meet at least five of the symptoms to be labelled as such. Nevertheless, "the essential feature of the disorder is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy."1

Do you know anyone who you feel has a sense of entitlement? If no, then do you know a person that makes you feel appall by having unreasonable expectations of being treated favorably. Do you know someone that demands constant special treatment. Let's use the word, "expectations." Imagine someone who actually expects things in life to be exactly the way it is complied with his or her way of thinking. Then you could say that person isn't being flexible. If you unfortunately have come across another person that behaves like the description I wrote above, then that could start seeing multiple signs of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). To be diagnosed with that mental disease, each person must meet at least five of nine symptoms that I will discuss in this article. I already discussed one: having a sense of entitlement.

Do you give anyone that you would consider excessive admiration? If yes, are you content with your actions? Is it possible that you think the person will throw a tantrum? I think it's more horrible to witness an adult to use negative emotions to end up behave like a little kid. On the other hand, I don't see any problems with people sometimes say negative things about me. The second symptom for a possible diagnose of narcissistic personality disorder I've mentioned is requiring to receive excessive admiration. For some reason, I keep on thinking about people in royal court in regards to the symptom.

Wouldn't it be fun to come across at least one person who you think his or her attitude or behavior consist of being overly assured of one's importance or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth? You may quickly realize the weakness such a person has. Arrogance is communicating to others that you don't need to be included with them. An example: Imagine the uproar a star athlete will face if he or she states that rowdy fans are not needed to disrupt the visiting team's mental focus. Now, the athlete, as an example, needs to show he or she genuinely means what was said. Watch out if that person doesn't back down from what he or she said. Fireworks will go off, I surely think. At that point, would you want the star athlete to continue behave like what he or she just did? You may laugh at what you're just witnessed . . . imagine that. The third symptom for one to be diagnose with narcissistic personality disorder is showing arrogance, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

I don't either envision or daydream a lot. I don't constantly do them, I think. I'm always playing games; that's my addiction. Do you know anyone who never ceases fantasizing of unlimited good , brilliance, good looks, ideal love, power, or success? Do yo always tell the person to go back to reality? It definitely seems like this is an example of someone not being fond of his or her own life. I would also sense that the person has at least a few things to regret about. Coping with past mistakes can be difficult for some people. Anyways, time for the same individuals to work with their problems or else they will be considered to have a certain symptom of narcissistic personality disorder, which is being preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited beauty, brilliance, ideal love, power or success.

Are you getting special treatment? Why? How about treating someone special by doing things for them? Are you doing that? I would do that especially if I will get something really good in return. think about a person who thinks he or she is "special" and wants to only be associated with people of high class. Can you spell snob? That's my first thought when I read a symptom for narcissistic personality disorder is absolutely thinking he or she is both special and unique and should only associate with, or can only be understood by other people or institution who have a high social status or "special." I obviously think some rich people are capable of doing that. I unfortunately can't think of another example. How about being sheltered? Did you think that while this paragraph?

What did you felt when you found out the United States was attacked on 9/11? How about when the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haidi, had a massive earthquake on January 12, 2010 that left another burden for the Haitians to deal with? For both examples I gave, there were thousands of victims with one country being hit by a natural disaster. The other one was attacked by fellow human beings. It's ok if you didn't feel sad for both examples. It's when you are unwilling to identify or recognize with the feelings and needs of others. That definitely can be a problem. You don't care about others, you lack empathy. That is another symptom to keep in mind when diagnosing a person as having narcissistic personality disorder. The world has many more options for people who doesn't have any problems understanding when other people are in troublesome situations.

I love the seventh symptom for narcissistic personality disorder so much that it's the first thing I'm going to state in this paragraph. Ok, it's actually the second. Taking advantage of other people so he or she could achieve own ends. I can't help it that I giggle at that statement. It's not funny, in general, but the thought that people would feel the need to do such things is humorous to me. I'm not going to ask my infamous, "Do you know anyone _____?" question for the symptom of being interpersonally exploitative. Those type of people could be easily found making headline news. Well, in America they certainly are.

It's back to me asking questions. In your life, do you have anyone who is important to you? Do you think they make unnecessary claims of the degree of importance they possess? If they don't do that to you, is it possible they do it for other relationships they formed? To be more precise of answers I'm looking for, do you sense the person exaggerates achievements and talents and expects to be seen as superior without actually receiving appropriate achievements or accolades? If you answer yes, then maybe you could pretend you agree with him or her. That's if you currently disagree how the person handles himself or herself. That would be funny. I certainly do like the idea of deceiving others when they are being unreasonable, according to other people's perception. I feel this kind of deception is harmless because you don't mean to create much harm, and you won't be absurd with the kind of personal treatment you want from others. Finally, I will say the eighth symptom to diagnose a person having narcissistic personality disorder is having a grandiose sense of self-importance.

The word envious. Ooooooooo. Wow!!!!! A synonym of it is jealousy. I don't think living vicariously through others would be another synonym for the word. It's because envious is meant as having negative thoughts about others. Can you see yourself as being envious of others or believes that other individuals envious of you? Rather, I should say, "always being envious . . . "

It is a terrible way to live one's life because you could end up not sufficiently take care of your own life. Watching over oneself is something everyone should do as people are not immortal. The ninth and the last symptom to look for when attempting to diagnose person having narcissistic personality disorder is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her. I just realized this emotion can lead to deadly consequences taken by a person suffering from it. That is genuinely terrible. What a way to end my descriptions of nine symptoms.

Hopefully this article fulfills people curiosity when searching for symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. It seems like people having symptoms for NPD would be easier to deal with since they are not traumatized, and there's a feeling that are usually not violent.

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