Taking a Girl Scout Field Trip is Fun When Leaders Are Prepared!

While troop meetings are great learning opportunities, it is also fun to go on a Girl Scout field trip.  The change of pace is refreshing for the girls and for the leaders.  Field trips should be taken in conjunction with earning Girl Scout patches to make the experience more meaningful.

Here are nine tips to help you plan and execute a fun and meaningful meeting for your girls that takes place outside of your regular meeting place!

The first tip for a successful field trip is to see what the girls are interested in doing that relates to your Girl Scout activity.   If it is something they want to do, then you know that the rest of the steps are worth your while. 

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The second tip to make your trip a success is to try and have it at the time you would normally have a meeting.  Many parents have work and other commitments during the week.  The time you have your meetings is already on their schedule.  If at all possible, try to have the excursion at the same time.  Otherwise, be prepared for some of your girls not to be able to go.

Getting your trip approval number is a vital third tip.  You cannot go anywhere without it!

Fourth, have a person who is in charge of holding all of your permission slips.  This is requirement in case something happens to you.

Send out the permission forms in an email.  Tip number five is to save the email, because you know that you will have to hound some parents to get the form to you.  No need to send out a fresh email, simply say “Reminder” in the subject line.  My parents know that I will not stop sending emails until I get the paper!

Asking for volunteers is my sixth tip.  Extra hands and extra mini vans are always welcome.  It is safer to have more eyes, especially with younger Daisy and Brownie Scouts. Make sure that your parents are registered members and have been background checked.

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Tip number seven is also crucial for a fun and meaningful excursion.  A few days before you leave, send out an email telling the parents that they need to let you know who is picking their daughter up and the location of pick up.  Why is this important?  Because on one field trip I took, parents did not know where to pick up the girls, despite the fact that it was on the permission form! 

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Fortunately for me, I had tip number eight-always have your Girl Scout tote bag with your binder and First Aid kit with you!  I was able to call the parents and ask them where they were.  I never go anywhere-meetings included-without my binder.

The last tip, number nine, is to always have your cell phone on your person so parents can reach you if needed.  If your phone is in your bag and you are nowhere near it, how can you hear it ring?  Parents may be running late, need directions, or need to have someone else pick up their daughter.  You must be accessible.

These nine tips fort a successful Girl Scout field trip will have your troop wanting to go on more outings with you!