Nissan Leaf Eco carThe price of everything is going up, inflation is becoming a problem again and the money you earn is dropping too. Government workers are getting reductions of salary and many people are losing their jobs due to the down turn in the economy. This means that we have to find ways of saving money where ever possible. Looking at your costs of car ownership is one place you start with making some savings.

Nine Ways of Reducing the Cost of Car Ownership.

  1. Do you really need a car? If you are living in a town and also not too far far where you work then getting rid of the car completely is an option. You could be saving yourself around £5000 a year by not having a car. In the cities and town there are public transport systems that will get your to where you have to go. Maybe a little slower but certainly cheaper and probably safer too. Doing some walking or cycling will be good for you, get fitter as well as save money. Many cities now have cycle paths so that you can get places quickly and safely. If you don’t live in a city or town then it may not be viable to sell the car, or you could find a vehicle that is cheaper to run. Buy a smaller more economical car, you really don’t need a huge SUV type car when for most journeys it is only you sitting in the car. You may not be able to lose the car completely but you can still use some strategies to save some cash.

  2. Get a small motorbike instead of a car and filling up a small tank for all your transport needs for the week will definitely be better than two fill ups per week of a much bigger tank. You will still have the freedom to get places, in fact you will have more freedom than before. Parking a motorcycle is so much easier than parking a car anywhere. Some towns are increasing the cost of parking places and even taxing companies more based on the number of private parking spots they have.

  3. So you have got a smaller car, because the motorbike is not going to work out for you and it is still costing you too much to run per month. What can you do to make motoring cheaper? Are there any tactics you can look at to save some money? How about if you reduce the number of journeys that you make with the car and use it selectively. You can drive to where you can get good public transport and do fewer miles or kilometres. Instead of jumping in the car to go to the shop for one item that you are missing in the fridge, choose to cook something else. Get yourself organised so that you you can have fewer trips to the supermarket. Make better lists of what you need so that the number of times you are driving to the shops are reduced.

  4. Change your driving behaviour. If you drive in a more relaxed way you are likely to save money on fuel, you don’t want to race from traffic light to traffic light. From a standing start pull away and get to the cruising speed and the top gear quickly, but without racing the engine too much in any of the gears. Smooth gear changes all the way will help too. Before you have got to the legal speed limit think about whether you need to be going that fast. If the speed limit is 70 miles an hour or 100 kilometres per hour, leave it at 60 mph or 90kph instead. You will be using 10 percent more fuel if you go over that sixty miles an hour.

  5. When you are driving leave a good gap between you and the car in front, so that you can plan to keep the car rolling. If you have to stop at some lights or a roundabout and then bring the car back up to cruising speed again often, then you will use more petrol or gas. If you have a bigger gap between you and the car in front then you can often keep up the momentum and not have to bring the car to a halt. Another benefit of that is the safety aspect too, cars running into the vehicle in front is probably the most common type of accident.

  6. Make sure that the car is tuned up to be frugal and well maintained. Dirty air filters and badly adjusted fuel management, can make the car use more fuel. Make sure that the tyres are properly inflated, if the pressure in the tyres is lower than it should be the car will use more fuel.

  7. When you are stopped and parked don’t leave the car running. Five minutes of parked idling will use quite a bit of juice. Turn off the engine when you are not going anywhere. There are some newer cars that will do this automatically, even when you are stopped at lights or in a traffic jam. When you put your foot back on the accelerator the engine fires up again for you.

  8. Nissan leaf Electric carConsider buying an eco car. There are more cars coming on the market that are either hybrid petrol-electric or are fully electric. Perfect for around town. Those types of car use the braking to power up the batteries. And are very economical to run, using electric motors to move the car at low speeds with the engine not running and the engine cuts in only when needed to go faster or for acceleration to optimum speeds. There are indicators in these cars to let you know how well you are doing and it can be interesting to see how well you can make the car perform and how little fuel you can use. Toyota, Honda, Lexus and Nissan have eco cars and other manufacturers are following. The Toyota Prius is popular and now they have the Yaris being available as a hybrid option.

  9. Make sure that you search around for the best prices of insurance for your car or your motorcycle. Although prices keep going up you can still get a better deal by looking around to see if there is something better available. To look on the price comparison web sites is a good plan. When you have the smaller car you will get better insurance prices too.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid carTime for Action

So you see that there are things that you can do with your personal transport to leave more money in your wallet or bank account. You can worry a little bit less and have more money to put food on the table, or increase your savings to have money to fall back on in emergencies.

Just because you can afford a Hummer doesn’t mean that you should either. There are ecological considerations that are attended to when you reduce the amount you use the car and saving money on motoring is a good by product too.

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