It isn't uncommon for people to lose motivation when writing for InfoBarrel, I guess certainly more than 70% of people just give up.

But the key to success is just ploughing on with InfoBarrel and that way, some how you will see success.

However, just to give you that extra kick.

I am sharing with you some of the techniques that I am implementing to hopefully get me through and preventing  any phases of demotivation.

1) Define Your InfoBarrel Plan

The idea behind defining your plan is that you are providing direction, you know where you are wanting to go, what you are wanting to achieve. 

Without one you don't really have an aim, no goal.

You can never have that extra drive and strive to make it and say "just that much bit further then I have made it!".

So define a plan, do you want to make $50 a month by the end of next year from InfoBarrel, then that is your plan.

If you want to read my long term goal please click here.

2) Read Your InfoBarrel Plan Over and Over

Now before logging on to InfoBarrel and before logging off of I have a quick read of my InfoBarrel plan to keep constantly reminding me what I am trying to achieve, and that by sticking to it, I will achieve what I am want.

It is when I don't know why I am writing, that I lose faith and forget why I am even bothering in the first place. 

3) Break Your InfoBarrel Plan Down

I bet the challenge that you have set yourself can be rather daunting at first glance - I know mine does.

So I have split up my plan into many smaller realistic chunks that will each get me one step closer to the end goal, by conquering one at a time.

4) Plot out the plan

As from above you have set mini goals in ultimately completing the BIG goal.

But make sure each mini goal ties in nicely with the next.

So by plotting them together, you can see that you are slowly progressing towards your InfoBarrel plan, slowly but surely.

5) Write Up Your Results

Write up your results and display it in graphs. (much better than words in this kind of scenario.)

Make it visual, hence you can actually see your progress and how far you have come.

Again acting as  motivation in the sense that "you have made it this far, might as well finish".

(Why not even make an article about it, a monthly update of your progress towards your InfoBarrel plan).

7) Check Ernie's Income Reports

When you are feeling like you aren't getting anyway, it is easy to check other people's accounts and see how well they are performing on InfoBarrel .

This is why I really enjoy Ernie's income reports as I can relate myself to him, I can compare my current stage and where he was at that stage, and see that I am really not doing that bad after all.

8) Fresh Air

If you are constantly staring and writing at a computer screen, then this is bad news.

Try and put your work into perspective.

Gather some fresh air.

 "After a day's walk everything has twice its usual value".

9) Celebrate

The best bit of all.

Once you have accomplished your goal, treat yourself.

Besides you have earned it! It is important to recognise when you have achieved something positive.

I like to give my self a little treat with every little challenge that I complete, then have a big one for when I have completed the entire objective.

Good Luck