The Nintendo 3DS is the successor to the Nintendo DS (lite, DSi, DSiXL). It features new hardware including gyroscopic sensors, 3D cameras, enhanced cpu/gpu technology and of course a glasses-free 3D LCD screen.


This kind of technology will be great for officially released games and software that supports it, but it will also be a great development platform for homebrew enthusiasts once it is cracked. Here are some of the things that I am looking forward to from the homebrew community for the Nintendo 3DS.

What are you most excited about for the 3DS? Do you know any hacks or homebrew for the 3DS? Let us know in the comments!

3D Movie Conversion Software
It was mentioned briefly at E3 2010 that the Nintendo 3DS will be able to play 3D movies, and some movie trailers were demoed with the devices on display. The no-glasses-3D is what a lot of people have been waiting for in the movie world, so it only seems natural that converting your 3D blu-rays and DVDs to a format the 3DS can play will be on it's way.

Emulators, Emulators, Emulators!
It usually goes without saying that the various game system emulators will be on their way. It'll be interesting to see what the 3DS can do. They say that it can output XBOX type graphics, does that mean emulation of newer gaming consoles? At the very least I would love to see SCUMMVM implemented with some more support for newer games, namely Monkey Island 3. How about Nintendo Virtual Boy Games on the 3DS?

Media Players
Slap your MP3s into your SD card and plug in your headphones. Simple enough? Perhaps the 3DS already has this built in, but I'm sure it will lack some advanced features (playing internet streams, playing from a network share, FLAC file support). The homebrew community usually comes to save the day in this area on most devices.

3d TV
A TV Tuner was released for the DS back in it's prime, but it wasn't very popular in North America, because it would only play Over the Air television streams. Will this be compatable with the 3DS? Probably, but since there aren't any 3D streams available OTA, It would be great if there was an XBMC client or similar that could play 3D televisions streams from your Home Theater PC PVR.

3d Video Phone
It is rumored that video recording may be available in a firmware update for the 3DS. An IP Phone client would be great, 3D video phone calls over the internet would be simply amazing. Skype, are you listening?!

DS2Key is a great piece of homebrew that turns your Nintendo DS into a gaming controller for your PC.  It would be great if an updated version is released for the 3DS, that will take advantage of the gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer, the circle pad, and the 3D slider (which would make a perfect throttle for flight sims).

Augmented Reality
The AR cards included with the 3DS offer some potential to create some completely new kind of homebrew that interacts with the real world.  Imagine playing Duck Hunt on your kitchen table, or a graffiti app that lets you design some wall art without all the messy cleanup.

X Server
Could it be possible to port over an X server for the 3DS?  It would be great if Unix based computers could direct their display output to the Nintendo 3DS display.  Perhaps this would make 3D applications for computers more accessable.

Gyroscope Controlled First Person Shooters
The ability to look around using the gryoscopic sensors is utilised in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I would like to see an entire game control scheme utilise this. Take a look at this video for an idea of what could be.