King of the Hill

When it comes to handheld games, Nintendo is the leader. According to MCV concerning Europe, all three versions of Nintendo DS line of handhelds beat the Xbox 360 in sales, making it the most profitable console in that continent since 2004. And with Nintendo revealing 47 million units sold in America, it positions the DS line in the top spot of consoles sold in this country as well. Again, these are three generations of consoles tossed into one data pool, so it's obvious Nintendo is trying to up the image, but they're still good numbers regardless. Sony has tried packing in as many features as possible in their handhelds, but the features fall short of Nintendo's expanse of game titles. And it really doesn't seem like that's changing anytime soon with the next-gen 3DS being released in March.

For 90's sitcom fans

This will definitely be something to look out for. The 3DS will come in Aqua blue and Cosmo black - not the never knocks before entering, frizzy haired Cosmo - but the Cosmo relating to deep space (which is where Cosmo seemed to be most of the time anyway). And will cost a whopping 249.99. It's a much anticipated device because of the new 3D capabilities offered. It even has a 3D depth slider allowing you to change the 3D perception to your taste. And although it's backwards compatible, sadly you can't play previous generation games in 3D, but the image quality is still superior than earlier consoles, so who cares. Nintendo has also added the motion sensing craze to their handheld with it being motion and gyro sensing. Shaking and twisting your device will not only make you look insane, but will move the characters on the screen too. So if you did that before just for the fun of it, now you have an excuse.

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So many friends, so little time

If you're tired of having to input multiple friendcodes per game, then the 3DS is a godsend. It's not as user-friendly as Gamertag from Xbox Live, but you only need one friendcode per console, which saves a lot of time making this an improvement. There's also a StreetPass feature where all you need to do is carry your 3DS while on sleep mode and, if passing another 3DS owner, your information is exchanged - scores, characters and more. And Spotpass allows your 3DS to find various hotspots to further game information exchanges. It builds on the community aspect of this device immensely.

I can't believe what I'm doing

All these features are good, but the best part of the 3DS has got to be the target shooting. It uses the 3D capabilities of the new handheld, while also throwing something unique and original in the mix. 3D is all well and cool, but an interactive 3D environment is even cooler. With all the popular games scheduled to be released, this by far will be it's biggest selling point. You basically throw a Nintendo card with a question mark on the table, and through the camera of your 3DS, the card will turn into an island with bullzeye targets for you to shoot. After awhile, a dragon will appear that you'll have to defeat. You get to move the 3DS to get different vantage points of the 3D area, making it as realistic as possible even though it's just a game.

The self-hatred gamer

This family friendly way of gaming will definitely inspire pocket books to open, increasing profits for Nintendo. It also has a Face Raiders game that functions much in the same way, but you upload a picture of you, or someone else, to use as a target. Unless you hate yourself, I suggest using someone else's photo, maybe a sibling so you can release some of that pent-up aggression. These games are conveniently built-in to the hardware. As far as the other games, Nintendo boasts they have the best third-party lineup of games ever. And Mad Catz, a third-party accessory supplier for the 3DS, has a list of products to go along with the new handheld. They range from travellers bags to multiple styli colors to screen protectors, not as groundbreaking as an HDMI cable for Wii, but they'll do.

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Give to the United Nintendo Handheld Console fund

The Red Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo Wii console bundles did pretty well at the beginning of the year in Toys "R" Us. And although Nintendo boasts on all their accomplishments and milestones, their sales aren't as good as last years - in fact they're declining. So we'll see what impact the 3DS has on Nintendo profits in the coming future. But my guess is that it will.

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