The Nintendo DS is not sold directly with rewritable storage which is why one can avail the functionalities of the R4 cards and other similar storage devices which can help customers get the best of both the worlds.

R4 Functionality

Belonging to a second generation storage revolution these cards offered a lot of flexibility to users. They combined the amazingly sleek user interface of the Nintendo with their great storage to give the user a wonderful experience. R4 does not need any booting tool and can use MicroSD card, FAT16 and 32. It comes with its own adapter that can be connected to the personal computer as well. The most important aspect of the R4 revolution is that they can work on any Operating system and you can store files on the card by simply dragging and dropping them from their folders into the card. The R4 cards could also use the touchscreen and button operations thus offering greater flexibility to all the users. With support WiFi games too, one could download home brewed video games anywhere and then play them on their Nintendo device as long as there was the availability of the internet.


This was the card that started the trend of higher memory cards. The r4 sdhc was the first card ever to have a memory greater than 2GB. With the power of its extended memory, developers had many more avenues opened up for them with the ability to store their work in progress and a lot of other files that they would need. The only visible disadvantage of the R4 SDHC card is that loading takes up to 6 – 8 seconds which is on the lower side. However, subsequent upgrades of this card including the gold version have been able to bring down the loading time in spite of the size.

EZ Flash

The EZ Flash cards is an advanced version that has eliminated some of the problems in the past R4 cards. It also has some improvements in the original architecture and design for a better gaming and storage experience. It has eliminated the spring mechanism in the original R4 cards, for example, to reduce number of moving parts inside the card. The physical toughness and reliability of the card has been enhanced through this improvement. EZFlash Vi is one of the most popular Nintendo cards for two obvious reasons. The first reason is that the software is continuously upgraded by the teams to ensure that the customers do not face any problems, or that patches are released to eliminate them as soon as possible. The second reason is that the customer service provided for this card is second to none making it the preferred choice.

R4 Revolution Benefits

All in all the r4 cards and later version have brought about a revolution in terms of size of storage. Now you can carry all your games, important files and music in the same card while you travel without the need to carry your computer everywhere. The connection to the pc and the drag and drop mechanism too makes it very easy for you to transfer files in no time.