If you love table tennis, but live in a house to small to dedicate an entire room to the sport, what are your options? Buying a table tennis table will cost almost a thousand dollars in addition to the space. The advantage of the Nintendo Wii Sports Resort game is not only that it has table tennis, but also other games including frisbee, and some other recreational sports.

I've been spending a lot of time trying to get a home where I can play and practice table tennis, but I may have to give up on that if I can't find a room big enough for a table tennis table. If not I'll go with option two for as long as I can. Option two is the video game version. I'll still be able to go out and play, but I won't have as frequent access to a table so the Nintendo version will definitely have to be good enough to fill the void.

As realistic as the game may feel and sound, nothing can replace the smell of the rubber, and the feel of the ball hitting and coming off the racket. The game appears to have a very realistic look to it, and the way the ball bounces and the way a player can put spin on the ball also seems very close to the real thing. (As you will be able to see in the video below.)

The real feel of the racket, smell of the rubber, the face of an opponent across the net, and sound of people around you playing.

A good thing about the video game is that kids can play as well as adults, and it can also be a way to rehabilitate after injury or facilitate "image training", or keeping your mind on the game.

Wii Sports Resort can also be a great addition to the family's entertainment because it doesn't only feature table tennis. In fact, the video on the official site of the game doesn't even feature table tennis as one of its main games. The software also includes archery, waterskiing, sword games, basketball, and "resort" type games such as bowling and golf.

The Japanese commercials for the game feature the comedy duo "99", playing various games with Japanese professional athletes including olympic athletes. The table tennis game commercials feature up and coming high school star Kasumi Ishikawa in the commercials and she really seems to enjoy it.

If you already own a Nintendo Wii, then I would definitely recommend buying this game. If you are saving up for a table tennis table for your house, then the answer may not be as simple, but the Wii Sports certainly offers enough for the family that it can be a worthy entertainment expense.

Lastly so that people can get a look at how the table tennis game actually looks, here is a video off of youtube that shows someone playing against the computer. Notice how the ball curves and bounces off the table. This game is very close to a real table tennis game feel, and all of the reviews I've read about the special Wii Sports Resort controller say that it has a good feel and sensitivity. Of course nothing can compare to the feel of a real racket, but this could be a close second.

Check out the video below: