The Nintendo Wii U Will Blow You Away

Trying to figure out what to get your kids for Christmas this year? There are a handful of items that are topping Christmas lists in 2012. Among them is the all new Nintendo Wii U. For fans of Nintendo, the launch of the Wii U couldn’t come fast enough. This next generation console comes ready to go with 23 new games right out of the gate. There is a title for everyone, with those games spanning virtually every genre. You can choose from New Super Mario Bros. U, NBA 2K13, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and many others.


The New Wii U Controller Is Out Of This World

Think the new Wii is simply a slightly upgraded Wii Classic? Think again. This new system brings many game changing features. Have you ever been playing Mario and had someone wanting to watch that new episode of their favorite TV show? This is no longer a problem thanks to the U’s redesigned controller. It has its own screen that allows you to play games without the use of the TV! That’s not the only thing the new controller can do. Imagine playing a relaxing game of checkers or GO with a friend, using the controller as the board! Motion gaming just got a whole lot more fun too. Use the Wii U controller to pitch in Wii baseball, and put it on the ground to take a swing just like in real life on Wii Golf.


Rich Backwards Compatibility and Storage Options

Need to make a quick video call to a loved one? Get some face to face time whenever you want with the Wii U’s built in video calling. You can also plug in a headset and talk in real time with your friends or teammates while playing your favorite FPS. We could go on and on about the new controller and software features of the Wii U, but let’s take a look at the hardware and OS. Are you worrying you might not have enough hard drive space to save important data from all your games? Even with the 8GB version, you have nothing to worry about. Expanding your storage is super easy. You can use a 32GB SD card to get more storage power, or if that’s not enough, you can really take it to the next level with an external hard drive. The final thing that needs to be mentioned is the care Nintendo took when adding in backwards compatibility. All your old Wii games and controllers will work with the new system.


Don’t Wait To Pick Up This Hot New Console

All these new features sound great right? Well let’s cut to the chase and talk about the Wii U price. Getting your hands on an 8GB Wii U starter kit is going to set you back $300. These things are all ready selling out all over country. Unless you want to pay double the price on eBay, now is the time to pick up one of the hottest Christmas toys!