The Nintendo Wii Wheel is one of the best accessories you can get for your Wii console. What makes it different from other accessories is that it allows you to play car driving games such as the Mario Kart Wii game.

It offers you a realistic feeling of being in the game, as if you really are driving a real car! It has a breakthrough precision control; you will almost forget that you are playing in front of your screen.

Another thing would be its adjustable steering sensitivity; you can adjust the sensitivity of the Wiimote wheel according to your preferences. It has a sliding slot made just for the Wii remote controller, which snuggly fits into the wheel.

With a weight of 0.63 lbs, your arms will not get tired easily of playing with it. It is very lightweight and provides the easy straining of your arms. The wheel provides a comfortable hand grip and does not slip upon holding.Black Wii Wheel

The worth of the Wii Wheel, however, is quite questionable. Despite its being just a plastic holder shaped like a wheel, it provides a feeling of a more genuine feeling of driving, no more no less. You can enjoy your game even by just using the classic controller or simply with the Wii Nunchuck.

If this is no problem with you, then it is not a compulsory thing to buy. You can use it in any position that you like – above your head, straight in front of you, and even while lying down.

Purchasing the Wii Wheel is clearly of a personal choice – you can play and enjoy the game with or without it. A lot of people enjoy it because of its seamless response to each of your turns and shakes but some aren’t as satisfied with the former.

However, if you want a more thrilling game of racing and driving, then truly, the Nintendo Wii Wheel is recommended for you.